Program Details - SUNY Cortland

Program Details

Biology Minor [BIO] (Minor)

Biological Sciences Department
Bowers Hall, Room 241

Program Requirements

A. Two semester sequence in Introductory Biology: seven or eight credit hours

  • BIO 110 - Principles of Biology I (4 cr. hr.) and
  • BIO 111 - Principles of Biology II (3 cr. hr.) or
  • BIO 201 - Biological Sciences I (4 cr. hr.) and
  • BIO 202 - Biological Sciences II (4 cr. hr.)
B. Genetics course: three or four credit hours
  • BIO 306 - Human Genetics (3 cr. hr.) or
  • BIO 312 - Genetics (4 cr. hr.)
C. Biology course at the 210 level or above: three or four credit hours

Select one biology course at the BIO 210 level or above of at least three credit hours that is open to biology majors for major credit.

D. Additional Biology

Select additional biology courses to reach a total of 21 credit hours.

Total Credit Hours Required for the Minor: 21