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Exhibition Information

Anomie: Fractured Art Norms (2014)

January 21-March 7, 2014

Anomie:  Fractured Art Norms

Guest Curator Bart Keijsers Koning, Co-owner of LMAKprojects in Manhattan, curated this exhibition of sculpture, painting and photography by Martin Basher, George Bolster, Jasmina Cibic, Jeff Grant, Russell Nachman and Carlos Rigau.   

The artists included in the exhibition employ iconography that predates contemporary art symbology and terms. Intrigued by art movements mostly prior to the late twentieth century, each artist intertwines elements of past art norms within a contemporary visual dialogue.  “Anomie” is associated with the breakdown of social bonds between individuals and their communities.  As a befitting title for the exhibition, it references the artists’ resistance to current art norms.  Their practices and visual language are developed out of fragmented norms that lead to new artistic insight.  


Martin Basher (b. New Zealand, 1979) is a sculptor and painter whose work focuses on consumer culture and visual desire.

George Bolster (Ireland, b. 1972) merges the evolution/devolution of the human species with body dysmorphia and plastic surgery in his recent series of drawings and sculptures.

Jasmina Cibic (b. Slovenia, 1979) creates humorous photographic and sculptural investigations into the preservation of culture and its objectification through sociopolitical devices.

Jeff Grant (b. United States, 1975) alters the inherent quality of the many materials with which he works by presenting them in varied contexts.

Russell Nachman (b. United States, 1966) offers a critical look at contemporary society through the use of harlequin imagery and the trappings of Northern European black metal music culture.

Carlos Rigau (b. United States, 1978) incorporates plastic imitations of natural materials into his installations and two-dimensional pieces, which are also imbued with his Cuban heritage.


Image:  Russell Nachman, Palimpsest III: catalog 46c (detail), 2013, watercolor, gold leaf and acrylic on paper, 29 x 40.5 in.  Courtesy of LMAKprojects, New York. 


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