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What is ASAP?

Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP) provides tutoring and other academic support programs to undergraduate and graduate students.

ASAP will help you discover your learning preferences and build successful academic behaviors.  Students who regularly use our services tend to show increased academic confidence, stronger learning skills, and improvement in coursework.

We welcome students of all ability and achievement levels to use our free services.

Professional tutors coordinate and supervise all peer-led programs.

Our Services

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Professional Tutoring

Description: Individualized, skill-based sessions: reading, study strategies, math, time management, and writing across the curriculum. For more information, please visit the professional tutoring service webpage (website link).

When: Monday through Friday. Available 8:30am to 4:30pm. Please note that professional tutors have limited hours available and may fill their hours early in the semester.

How to participate: Professional tutoring runs by appointment. Simply visit our office in B-205 Van Hoesen or calling us at 607-753-4309.

Questions? Call us!

Peer Tutoring

Description: Individualized and/or group tutoring by fellow students (course offerings vary). All Peer Tutors have taken or are currently taking a one-semester course entitled the Theory and Practice of Peer Tutoring and have received or are completing the requirements for international certification from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Our Peer Tutors are trained to help students learn how to learn.  They are not instructors and will NOT teach content. Unfortunately, we do not have tutors for all subjects taught on campus, but our tutors are available to help out in many different subjects.

Peer tutors are paid by your Mandatory Student Activities fees through SGA and you are entitled to one hour of tutoring per class per week at no charge. If you believe that more time would be helpful for a particular class, discuss your interest with your tutor to see what arrangement, if any, could be made.

When: Please note that tutors have limited hours available and may fill their hours early in the semester.

  • First appointments available 5pm to 9pm
  • Follow-up appointments are arranged with tutor

How to participate: Peer tutoring runs by appointment.

For tutors: To view your tutoring schedule, visit our tutor scheduling page (external link).

Questions? Feel free to contact Peer Tutoring (email).

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Description: A series of free, voluntary review sessions for students taking historically difficult classes. Peer-led collaborative groups integrate how to learn with what to learn (course offerings vary).

When: Please view our list of SI sessions and times (website link) for fall 2016.

How to participate: Introduced in class. SI leaders keep you informed about any scheduling changes. Simply stop by whenever an SI session for your class is offered.

Questions? Feel free to contact Supplemental Instruction (email).

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL)

Description: An exceptional semester-long peer-led collaborative program centered around problem-solving for CHE 221 and CHE 222. 

When: Please view our list of PLTL workshops and enroll (website link) for fall 2016. Workshops start week 3.

How to participate: Introduced in class. Unlike other ASAP programs, enrollment is required and attendance matters. Read more about PLTL program policies (website link).

Questions? Feel free to contact PLTL (email).

NightOWL (Online Tutoring)

What is it? Real-time, online after-hours help for undergrad-level writing, math, chemistry, biology, and accounting (course offerings vary).

When: Thursday through Sunday. Available 7pm to midnight.

How to participate: Simply visit the program's webpage (website link) on a desktop browser.

Questions? Feel free to contact NightOWL (email)


Monday - Thursday
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8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Academic Support and Achievement Program

Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-205

Cortland, NY 13045

Phone: 607-753-4309

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