Sample course schedule

Year One, Summer

ATR 510 Athletic Training Techniques (3 credits

ATR 516 Acute Care and Emergency Management (3 credits)

Year One, Fall

ATR 511 Clinical Assessment I (3 credits)

ATR 513 Therapeutic Intervention I (3 credits 

ATR 517 General Medical Conditions in Athletic Training (3 credits) 

ATR 541 Clinical Experience I (3 credits

Year One, Spring

ATR 512 Clinical Assessment II (3 credits)   

ATR 515 Therapeutic Intervention II (3 credits 

ATR 612 Research Methods in Athletic Training (3 credits) 

ATR 542 Clinical Experience II (3 credits)

Year Two, Fall

ATR 514 Fitness Performance and Nutrition (3 credits 

ATR 520 Healthcare Administration and Leadership (3 credits)  

ATR 519 Healthcare Intervention and Referral (3 credits) 

ATR 543 Clinical Experience III (3 credits

Year Two, Spring

ATR 518 Pharmacology and Performance Enhancement for Athletic Trainers (3 credits)

ATR 613 Contemporary Topics in Athletic Training (3 credits

ATR 614 Comprehensive Examination in Athletic Training (3 credits

   or ATR 615 Master’s Project in Athletic Training (3 credits 

   or ATR 616 Master’s Thesis in Athletic Training (3 credits)  

ATR 544 Clinical Experience IV

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