FAQs for Non-New York State Residents

Requirements for non-New York State residents

SUNY Cortland’s fully online master’s program in literacy welcomes students from across the country. 

Non-New York State residents must do the following: 

  • Identify whether your state will approve SUNY Cortland’s program as a part of your teaching certification. 
  • Check your time zone and ensure that you will be able to navigate within Eastern Standard Time when it comes to turning in assignments, virtually meeting with instructors and collaborating with peers.

More details about these requirements are provided below.

Does my state have teacher certification reciprocity with New York state?

Different states have different expectations and requirements for teacher certification. When two states have similar expectations and requirements for certification, it is known as reciprocity between states. Not all states have reciprocity. It is a student’s responsibility to know whether a state will approve SUNY Cortland’s program as a part of their teacher certification.

To learn if your state has reciprocity with teacher certification, visit this certification map website and learn more about your state and whether it has reciprocity with New York State teacher certification programs. For more teacher certification resources, visit SUNY Cortland’s teacher certification resources page.

What is the tuition for non-New York State residents in an online program?

For the most current information about graduate online program tuition rates, visit the university’s tuition and fees page. Note that non-New York State resident information is in the table titled Graduate: Online Program Charges.

Are graduate assistantships available for non-New York State residents?

No. Graduate assistants are required to be in-person and local to SUNY Cortland’s campus.

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