Program Highlights

MA english program highlights

Small Classes, Strong Mentors

Through small classes and graduate seminars, you'll develop lifelong learning connections with professors and other students who are passionate about exploring language and literature in new and innovative ways.

English Department faculty members are award-winning scholars and mentors. They are committed to leading thoughtful classroom discussions and developing critical thinking skills that prove valuable in a wide range of careers and settings.

Rewarding Coursework

Covering diverse genres, time periods and cultural traditions, the program requires 30 credit hours and the completion of a master's thesis. All students are well trained in literary criticism. Sample course titles may include Jane Austen, LGBTQ Literature and Contemporary Science Fiction.

Career Potential

You will be well prepared to continue on to a Ph.D. or pursue a wide range of interesting careers that require critical inquiry skills, including writing, editing, business, law, nonprofit work or the arts. If you hold initial New York state teaching certification, the M.A. qualifies you to seek the professional teaching certificate. 

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