Health Education K-12

Health Education K-12 M.S.Ed. Degree Program


Choose the program taught by nationally recognized leaders in the field—the people who literally wrote the books on the optimal health education curriculum and teaching methods. Learn from the people who set the standards for health education and lay the groundwork for your own future leadership in this growing field.

Program Highlights

For more than 50 years, SUNY Cortland has provided the most comprehensive and respected graduate program in health education in the Central New York area. Here you can learn the most current education strategies and philosophies of teaching, from top-ranking members of the American School Health Association, the Society for Public Health Education and a range of sexuality education associations. Earn your degree in just three semesters of evening classes. You may even have the opportunity to study abroad during selected semesters.

Career Potential

In addition to teaching positions in public and private schools, graduates of the health education program are ready to take positions as health educators in non-profit medical organizations, county health departments, hospitals, wellness centers in large corporations and in all kinds of organizations that educate the public about issues of health. With the Affordable Care Act’s emphasis on wellness education in community centers and healthcare facilities, there are more jobs available than ever before for qualified teachers who are certified in health education.


Q: How long will it take to complete this degree?
A: Students enrolled full time can complete the degree in a calendar year. Classes are offered throughout the year in three semesters, and some courses are available online. If you attend part time, you may be in school for two to three years.

Q: Can I enter this program if I do not have a degree in teaching?
A: Yes, you can. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can apply to the Health Education M.S.Ed. program. Student teaching will be required to complete the degree.

Q: If I’m already certified to teach, do I have to student-teach again?
A: A second student teaching experience is not required. You will need to do some fieldwork in schools.