Graduate Continuing Enrollment

Graduate Student Continuing Enrollment

Continuing enrollment at the graduate level level is defined as maintaining enrollment through registration or an official leave of absence from the semester of graduate program admission until the completion of all degree requirements. Students in summer-only programs are required to enroll continuously during consecutive summers until the coursework and requirements are met.

The College asks students to maintain continuous enrollment so we can effectively support students and accurately maintain our student records.  

  • With continuous enrollment, students are able to maintain access to college facilities and resources, including electronic resources such as email, student portal access and library services without interruption.

  • Continuous enrollment gives the College the ability to assign graduate student time tickets and active registrant status to facilitate on-line registration and record services.

  • Continuous enrollment gives the College the ability to maintain an accurate record for advising and academic department use, so faculty can effectively support students and provide services and advising as you complete your degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Visit the FAQ in our "Ask Us" support area.

Reactivation Process

  1. Your record must be reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean and the Graduate Coordinator for your department if any of the following apply:

    1. you do not have satisfactory academic standing or
    2. you have been suspended or dismissed or
    3. you have been away for three or more major terms (1.5 years) or
    4. you have exceeded a five year limit on degree completion for the master's degree 
    5. you have exceeded a two year limit on completion of the CAS

  2. Submit the graduate reactivation petition to the SUNY Cortland Registrar's Office after receiving all required signatures.

    SUNY Cortland Registrar's Office
    Attn: Graduate Support
    PO Box 2000
    Cortland, NY 13045-0900

  3. When your record is reactivated, a registration time ticket will be assigned to you. Once you receive a ticket, you will be able to register for courses using myRedDragon.  If you are readmitted after the normal on-line registration time, alternate registration may be required in order to register.