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About the Project

Here's the thing:

Every single person you see has a story, a background, concerns, joys, family, creativity, and big dreams.

Consider this. The people around you are hungry to be seen and understood. But our lives are really full, and lots of times we rush past each other too busy to stop and connect.

The Beloved Community Narratives Project is all about connection. Based on a vision articulated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the idea of Beloved Community is to create a world in which all people live in respect, understanding, and good will. To build beloved community we honor our origins, affirm our differences, celebrate our identities, and respect our cultural legacies. In turn, we deepen our bonds with one another and connect as diverse human beings.

Around campus you will discover the portraits and narratives of 25 courageous Cortland storytellers, people who are sharing their stories to build a community of connection.

Notice the people around you; together our stories, voices, and actions illuminate this campus. Create. Support. Realize. Beloved Community.

Project Committee

Alexis Blavos, Erin Boylan, AnnaMaria Cirrincione, Dan Dryja, Evan Faulkenbury, James Felton, Kaitlin Flannery, Roman Rodriguez, Szilvia Kadas, Michelle LoGerfo, Zachariah Newswanger, Lauren Scagnelli, Joseph Westbrook

Special Thanks

President Erik J. Bitterbaum