Bowers Renovation Picture Galleries

April 2004

July 2012

January 2013

July 2013

  • April to May 2012.  Outside pictures of the demolition of the museum and lobby area and the gutting of the Bowers I wing.
  •  June to July  2012.    Mostly outside pictures of digging foundations for the new addition and includes some inside pictures.
  •  August to September 2012.  Exterior pictures as more concrete is poured outside and metal studs are put up inside.
  •  October to November 2012.  Basement foundation of the addition is completed and the ceiling of the basement -- which is the floor of the Ground Floor is completed.  Windows are put in on the north side of the building and begun on the south side.  Part of the planetarium wall rises up.
  • December 2012.  The first floor concrete is finished in the addition including in the large lecture hall.  Air-handling equipment is put on the roof and some pictures show progress in the interior.
  • January 2013.  In the snow, work continues on the third floor of the addition and steel is placed for the planetarium.
  • February 2013. The roof on the new construction is in place.
  • March 2013. As more is changing inside now, most of these pictures show internal progress. There are a few outside pictures at the end of the month.
  • April 2013. As planned, work began on the third floor at the beginning of the project and it shows now as some third floor walls have paint. A large part of the ground floor remains open space.
  • May 2013. Walls and windows are going up on the Planetarium and the new addition. The east side external staircase is made. Walls are looking finished on the third floor and on the second floor painting has begun. The size and contents of basement mechanical room is astonishing.
  • June 2013. Exterior walls on the Planetarium and new addition are nearly finished, the cooling tower for air conditioning is installed, and large parts of the third and second floors are looking finished in terms of mechanical, electrical and plumbing.
  • July 2013.  Nearly 100 workers are working on the building every day. Exterior work has included brickwork, Planetarium wrapping, and north entrance work.  Interior continues with the third floor painting down to the ground floor getting studs for walls.
  • August 2013.  This month starts the installation of casework in the teaching and research labs.  As with all other steps in the process, this has started on the third floor.  The second floor has walls and floors being completed.  The first floor has sheetrock up and the ground floor has got studs.
  • September 2013.  Outside work is being completed with windows and exhaust vents closed up.  Inside work is going fast with more casework and countertops being installed on the upper floors and sheetrock on the ground floor.
  • October 2013.  Landscaping has started as the Planetarium tiles are finished and labs are getting casework and some major equipment items such as autoclaves are being installed.
  • November 2013.  Landscaping is largely completed as early snow hits.  Inside is looking finished with painting and completed casework, particularly on the third floor.
  • December 2013.  Getting finished.  A few pictures outside in the snow, but mostly pictures inside.


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