Faculty Awards

Distinguished Professor

The Distinguished Professorship, one of the four designations comprising Distinguished Faculty Rank, is a tenured academic rank above that of full professor.  It was created by the SUNY Board of Trustees to recognize and reward the scholarship and research of SUNY’s finest and most accomplished faculty, and to provide the system-wide acknowledgement this level of achievement merits. 

TIMOTHY J. BARONI, Biological Sciences, 2007

MICHAEL BERZONSKY, Psychology, 2011

TERRENCE D. FITZGERALD, Biological Sciences, 1999


Distinguished Service Professor

“The Distinguished Service Professorship honors and recognizes extraordinary service.  Candidates must have demonstrated substantial distinguished service not only at the campus and the State University, but also at the community, regional and State levels.  Further, many candidates for appointment have rendered influential service, contributing at the national and international levels. Also to be considered, service must exceed the work generally considered to be a part of a candidate’s basic professional work (professional committees, etc.) and should include service that exceeds that for which professors are normally compensated.  It must also extend over multiple years and, very importantly, must involve the application of intellectual skills drawing from the candidate’s scholarly and research interests to issues of public concern.”

SAMUEL L. KELLEY, Communication Studies, 2008

CRAIG B. LITTLE, Sociology/Anthropology, 2002

ROBERT J. SPITZER, Political Science, 1997

HENRY STECK, Political Science, 1993


Distinguished Teaching Professor

“The Distinguished Teaching Professorship recognizes and honors mastery of teaching.  For this prestigious tribute to be conferred, candidates must have demonstrated consistently superior mastery of teaching, outstanding service to students and commitment to their ongoing intellectual growth, scholarship and professional growth, and adherence to rigorous academic standards and requirements. Further, to be eligible for nomination, a faculty member must have attained and held the rank of full professor for five years, have completed at least three years of full-time teaching on the nominating campus, 10 years of full-time teaching in the SUNY System, and must have regularly carried a full-time teaching load as defined by the campus at the undergraduate, graduate, or professional level.”

KARLA J. ALWES, English, 2008

SETH N. ASUMAH, Political Science and Chair, Africana Studies, 2007

JUDITH A. BEST, Political Science, 1984



R. LAWRENCE KLOTZ, Biological Sciences, 2002

DENISE D. KNIGHT, English, 2006

DAVID L. MILLER, Geography, 2004


Honors Recipients

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service

“Eligible service contributions may occur in a variety of areas including service to the campus, the State University, the local community or contributions at the regional, state-wide, national or international levels.  Eligible activities may encompass a combination of service contributions to discipline or disciplinary and professional organizations and societies; and to leadership in local or system-wide faculty governance. The nature of the service must exceed the work generally considered to be part of a candidate’s basic professional obligation (professional committees, etc.) and must include service that exceeds that for which faculty are normally compensated.  There must be positive evidence of outstanding achievement and skill in providing leadership, outreach, or other University and/or community service or extraordinary service and leadership in the nominee’s professional organization. The scope of the service must extend over multiple years, must be geared toward effecting positive change and must involve the generous giving of personal time in service to areas previously described. Candidates for this award must be full-time teaching/instructional faculty who meet, and preferably exceed, the selection criteria, and who also demonstrate initiative and creativity in exceeding these standards.”

DAVID F. BERGER, Professor, Psychology, 2010


Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

Nominees are individuals who have an excellent, sustained record of research publications in peer-reviewed journals, and/or research monographs, and/or research-oriented texts; or a record of presenting at national and/or international conferences, presentation of papers published in conference proceedings and/or digests, patents awarded, grants secured, and citation of work by individuals or groups other than the nominee’s collaborators” for scholarship (research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities);  OR 

“A record of excellence in creative activity appropriate for the specific field or discipline, such as exhibitions, shows, performances, productions, and stage work; or a record demonstrating evidence of critical reviews, grants, inclusion of works in permanent collections, retrospectives, and other forms of external recognition and acclaim.”

MICHAEL BERZONSKY, Professor, Psychology, 2008

RALPH T. DUDGEON, Professor, Performing Arts (Music), 2006

THOMAS HISCHAK, Professor, Performing Arts, 2004

IBIPO JOHNSTON-ANUMONWO, Professor, Geography, 2010

SAMUEL L. KELLEY, Distinguished Service Professor, Communication Studies, 2005

DENISE D. KNIGHT, Distinguished Teaching Professor, English, 2002

ROBERT J. SPITZER, Distinguished Service Professor, Political Science, 2003


Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

An award for faculty who perform “superbly in the classroom.  The nominee must maintain a flexible instructional policy that adapts readily to student needs, interests and problems.  Mastery of teaching techniques must be demonstrated and substantiated.  Consideration is to be given to the number of substantially different courses taught, the number of students per course, and the different teaching techniques employed in the various courses. When available, student evaluations (in the form of student questionnaires administered and compiled by persons other than the nominee) presented for several different courses over a period of several recent years may provide a clear idea of the nominee's impact on students…Candidates must be teacher/scholars who keep abreast of their own field and who use the relevant contemporary data from that field and related disciplines in their teaching. …In relating to students, candidates must be generous with personal time, easily accessible, and must demonstrate a continual concern for the intellectual growth of individual students.”

KARLA J. ALWES, Distinguished Teaching Professor, English, 1994

DAVID BARCLAY, Associate Professor, Geology, 2008

TIMOTHY J. BARONI, Distinguished Professor, Biological Sciences, 1990

GIRISH N. BHAT, Associate Professor, History, 2010

JUDITH A. BEST, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Political Science, 1977

STEVEN B. BROYLES, Professor, Biological Sciences, 2002

ROBERT DARLING, Professor, Geology, 1999

PETER DUCEY, Professor and Chair, Biological Sciences, 2004

MARY LYNCH KENNEDY, Distinguished Teaching Professor, English, 1994

R. LAWRENCE KLOTZ, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Biological Sciences, 1989

DENISE D. KNIGHT, Distinguished Teaching Professor, English, 2002

KATHLEEN A. LAWRENCE, Associate Professor, Communication Studies, 2009

JOHN P. LOMBARDO, Professor, Psychology, 1977

NORALYN MASSELINK, Professor, English, 2005

DAVID L. MILLER, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Geography, 1998

JEROME O’CALLAGHAN, Associate Professor, Political Science, 2001

SHARON STEADMAN, Associate Professor, Sociology/ Anthropology, 2004

RANDI J. STORCH, Associate Professor, History, 2006

STEPHEN B. WILSON, Professor, Performing Arts (Music), 1992

BARBARA L. WISCH, Professor, Art and Art History, 1998


Rozanne Brooks Dedicated Teacher Award

This award is unique to SUNY Cortland and “was created and is presented to individuals who are outstanding teachers in the classroom, who spend considerable time with students and are very student oriented. These teachers are also active and worthwhile participants in the business of the College and involved with curriculum.”

KARLA ALWES, Professor of English, 2001

SETH N. ASUMAH, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Political Science; Chair, Africana Studies, 1999

TIMOTHY J. BARONI, Distinguished Professor, Biological Sciences, 2002

GIRISH N. BHAT, Associate Professor, History, 2004

VICTORIA BOYNTON, Professor, English, 2005

KATHRYN KRAMER, Associate Professor, Art and Art History, 2007

KATHLEEN A. LAWRENCE, Associate Professor, Communication Studies, 2000

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