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A Message to SUNY Cortland Students about the 2020 Census

To our students,

We continue to hope that you, your family and friends are staying safe during this challenging time and making the best of our “new normal” of remote learning. We understand that you have a lot with which to cope.  As you are a student who was living off campus before Spring Break, we wanted to provide some guidance on how to complete this very important2020Census.

Every ten years, the United States counts the number of people who live in our country so that federal funding can be distributed appropriately.  2020 is one of those years.

The Census survey is an important way in which funds are distributed to support health care, education, small business loans, infrastructure, and other important building-blocks of our community. College students are notoriously under-reported and therefore the counties in which they attend college don’t always get the money and legislative representation that they should. We are encouraging you to help us break this trend. 

To get as accurate a count as possible, the government asks people to complete its Census survey based on where they were living on April 1, 2020.  To fill out the Census please go to:  https://2020census.gov/.  FYI, by law your responses to the Census are confidential and cannot be released or used against you in any way.  Responses can only be used to produce statistics. Keep in mind these important guidelines:

1 - Even though you might have moved away from your Cortland address by that date, the Census Bureau asks that you use your Cortland address in your Census survey.  You should not be included on the survey filled out by your parents.  And if that has already happened, then please make sure you are counted in Cortland as well.  The Census Bureau can sort out any duplicate entries.

2 - Even if you are a graduating senior, the Census Bureau asks that you use your Cortland address in your Census Survey.  Why?  Census results are based on April 1stliving locations.

3 - If you would have been living off campus with roommates/housemates, etc. you are considered a “household” and should submit only one Census form for that location.  The form should include information for everyone who would have resided at that residence on April 1st.  Please try your best to coordinate with your housemates to submit one single response. If the building is broken down into separate apartments and you don’t know everyone, don’t know how to reach them,then at least please complete the information for those that you do know. 

4 - Please review the attached“eResponse Manual” for guidance if needed.

We know you have a lot going on but please complete the Census survey as soon as possible and by following these guidelines.   Here is another link that may help: 


Click on the following link to see some great posters created by students involved with the Institute for Civic Engagement: http://www2.cortland.edu/programs/civic-engagement/notable-civic-engagement-projects.dot

Thank you for your cooperation as the SUNY Cortland community navigates through the disruptions caused by this pandemic.  We truly are all in this together.  Stay well, and feel free to contact either of us should you have any questions.


John Suarez                                                              Sandra Wohlleber

Director, Institute for Civic Engagement                     Associate Director, Campus Activities and Greek Affairs

John.Suarez@cortland.edu                                       Sandra.Wohlleber@cortland.edu

607-753-4391                                                          607-753-5769

2020 United States Census

The 2020 Census provided students with a unique opportunity to refine their newly-learned skills by creating posters that promoted this once-every-ten-years event to their peers.  Posters were created by some of Alexis Blavos’s and Kelechi Ibe-Lamberts’s Community Health students, by students in Szilvia Kadas’s Design II course, and by the Institute for Civic Engagement’s Census Advocates students.  Enjoy the creativity and variety of these posters.

Census Poster1                  Census poster 9

Census Poster 6              Census Poster 7

Census Poster 12               Census Poster  10

Census Poster 13

Census Poster 2

Census Poster 4