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Security Services Office

The Security Services Office is responsible for planning, designing, programming/maintaining the electronic access control system, the campus intrusion detection systems and the closed circuit television system.

Currently, all of the residence halls have a card access system which allows only the residents and selected staff access to the building. Included in the card access system is a “propped” door alarm, which alerts the residents of the building of an unsecured door and also notifies the University Police Dispatch Center of the condition.

There are a limited number of instructional spaces that utilize electronic access control. In most cases, access is assigned based on course enrollment.  Special access assignments can also be accommodated.

Closed circuit television cameras are installed in all of the campus residence halls, monitoring entrances, exits and the elevators. Additionally, many outdoor areas can be monitored using exterior cameras.

The Security Services Office is headed by Director Eamon O'Shea 607-753-2343 or e-mail

All service requests, including new access assignments, help, hardware problems, etc., please email:

Please include as much information as possible regarding your inquiry.