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Community Policing


SUNY Cortland's professionally trained University Police officers patrol the campus by foot, bike, and vehicle 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pioneers in the practice of community policing, they strive to be visible, proactive, and available to the campus community. 

Community Policing Programs

  • Civilian Ride-Along Program- Community members have the opportunity to ride along with an officer on routine patrol to gain first-hand knowledge of police procedures and operations. The ride-along must be prearranged and approved by the University Police Department.
  • Meet the University Police- This program highlights the role of campus law enforcement at SUNY Cortland. Meet one of the community policing officers who will discuss the professional role that your University Police officers play on campus.
  • STOP THEFT ID Computer Identification Program- This is an anti-theft and recovery program designed mainly for laptop computers. Special identification plates are installed on the computer to deter thieves and to make it easier to identify recovered computers.
  • Fatal Vision Program- The University Police provides the "Fatal Vision Program" as an educational program for the entire campus community. The guiding principle of this program is to demonstrate how quickly impairment can turn into potentially devastating consequences for anyone who drives while impaired by alcohol or other drugs.
  • Operation Lockout Program- This program was developed as an anti-theft program in the residence halls. The program shows the students how easy it is to become the victim of a crime. Students are shown simple steps to take to prevent theft and enhance their safety.
  • Community Liaison Program-  Each of our campus residence halls is assigned a Community Liaison Officer. These Officers serve as a primary point of contact for our residential student communities and work closely with the Residence Life staff.
  • University Police Pamphlets: Together for a Safer Campus - Staying Safe on Campus - Fraud & Identity Theft

Please contact our Community Policing Team to set up a program in your residence hall.
E-mail Lt. Welch at or call 607-753-2112