Spring 2021 Guide and COVID-19 information

Task Force

COVID-19 Task Force

At the start of the current outbreak, SUNY Cortland expanded its Incident Management Team (IMT) to create a special COVID-19 Task Force. That group works in conjunction with a larger, Emergency Response Resource Group (ERRG) to implement measures intended to keep all members of the SUNY Cortland community safe. The group continues to plan for a variety of contingencies and appropriate responses in the areas. Members of the task force:

  • Nick Tomizawa, SUNY Cortland emergency manager
  • Zach Newswanger, associate vice president for facilities management
  • Mark DePaul, chief of University Police
  • Dr. Charles Lambiotte, campus medical director
  • Chris Kuretich, associate vice president for student affairs
  • Frederic Pierce, communications director
  • Lisa Kahle, interim associate provost for information resources
  • Andrea Lachance, dean of the School of Education
  • Jill Murphy, chair SUNY Cortland Health Department
  • Mary Schlarb, director International Programs
  • Amy Markowski, environmental health and safety officer
  • Francis Cullen, operations lieutenant, university police
  • Jody Maroney, director of budget and business operations
  • Daniel Dryja, director of facilities operations and services
  • Eric Rabusin, assistant chief of university police
  • Renee Sydorowych, executive director, Cortland auxiliary (ASC)
  • Ralph Carrasquillo, director, residence life and housing
  • Lisa Train, associate director, residence life and housing
  • Michael Stone, environmental health and safety specialist