COVID-19 Safety Information

Smith Tower Renovation

Smith Tower will go offline for construction starting in December 2021 and will be unavailable to residents in the Spring 2022 semester. The 285-bed residence hall was originally scheduled to go offline at the end of 2020 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Review the information below to learn more about the project timeline and updates to Smith Tower.


Sept. 22 Smith Tower housing preference forms available
Early November Floor meetings
Nov. 3 Smith Tower Information Session - registration is required
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving break begins- start bringing home some of your belongings
Dec. 1 Release from Housing form due for approval to move off campus
Dec. 17      Spring housing preference forms due
By Dec. 17 Check out of your hall with a staff member
Jan. 10-14 Anticipated Spring 2022 housing assignments available

Smith Tower Information Session

An information session was held on Wednesday, November 3 at 6:30 p.m. for Smith Tower residents to learn more about the upcoming renovation. The presentation shown at the information session was recorded for any resident who was unable to make the event. All residents are encouraged to review the video to learn more about the construction project, housing options available for the spring, how to prepare for move out, and how to select into the newly renovated building for Fall 2022.

Smith Tower Preference Form

Preference Form Instructions

  • Log into the Housing Portal
    • Must authenticate through myRedDragon
  • From the side menu, select Forms
  • Select the Smith Tower Spring 2022 Room Preferences form
  • Complete the form
    • There will be two pages (after adding your living request, clicking continue will submit the form)

Preference Form Questions: Explained

  • Page one:
    • Question 1: your student status (freshman, transfer, returner)
    • Question 2: your plans for your Fall 2022 housing- this is for information purposes only; your plans can change (return to Smith, live in another residence hall, live off campus)
    • Question 3: indicate the special interest areas you would prefer to live in; if you do not have a preference, but would be ok with living in any, select “any space available”; if you prefer not to live in special interest, select “no special interest preference”; you may choose more than one option
    • Question 4: if you smoke regularly or occasionally, please indicate yes or no
    • Question 5: if you are ok with a roommate who smokes, indicate yes or no
    • Question 6: indicate if you have a medial condition that requires housing accommodations (will be verified by the the Disability Resources Office).
    • Question 7: Select whether you want to live with your current Smith Tower roommate group
      • If yes, new fields will be available to enter the name(s) of your roommate requests
      • If no, you will be asked to share the name of the current/new student you'd like to live with on-campus. This field can be left blank if you have no roommate request.
  • Page two:
    • You may select up to five buildings you would prefer to live in. We cannot guarantee placement in any of your preferences as your placement depends on the available spaces. If you do not have a building preference, do not do anything on this page and click continue to submit the form. Otherwise:
      • Select “Hall” from the request type drop down menu
      • Select the hall that is your first choice and select “add request”
      • If you have another preference, change the Choice # to “2” and complete the same steps from above
    • Repeat until you have indicated all of your preferences for buildings, up to five; you can choose to list less than five

Spring housing for Smith Tower Residents

How will my new assignment be determined?

  • You will need to fill out a preference form that will be due to Residence Life and Housing in December. Once we have a full picture of available rooms, you will be assigned. Our goal is to keep roommates together and provide you with your preferences, but this unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.

When will I find out what my new assignment is?

  • Assignments will be available in mid-January before you return back to campus. This can be viewed on myRedDragon.

 I would like to live off campus next semester. Is that an option?

  • You can submit a release from housing for review. Complete the form on myRedDragon by December 1 (form will go live in October). If approved, Smith Tower transfer student will not have to pay the $150 release from housing fee.

I have a specific residence hall I would like to live in next semester/ I have a specific person I would like to live with next semester.

  • Any specific requests should be indicated on the preference form.

I would like to live in Smith Tower next fall when it reopens.

  • You will be given priority to choose a room in Smith Tower during the Room Selection Process before other students.1 Smith Tower is going to look amazing once the project is completed and we hope that you will want to live there again.2

  1. All participants in the Smith Tower special selection must be former residents of Smith Tower who were assigned to Smith Tower at the opening of Fall 2021. No outside residents can be added to the process.

  2. Due to the limited quantity, Smith Tower residents are not guaranteed a 4 or 6-person suite in the Fall 2022 semester.

Smith Tower renovation plans

  • Additional lounge spaces throughout the building
  • New kitchenettes on floors three through 10
  • Updated bathrooms with low-flow faucets and toilets
  • New exterior windows on floors three through 10 to improve energy efficiency
  • Laundry units on floors nine and 10.
  • LED lighting
  • New HVAC systems
    • Important note: Casey and Smith Towers are not air-conditioned buildings.

Updates will be very similar to the Casey Tower project (completed prior to Fall 2020). Consult the Casey Tower photo gallery to view the building renovations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the incentives for Fall 2021 Smith residents?

  • Students who are relocated due to the construction project will be guaranteed the standard double room rate (regardless of reassignment location) for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Why am I moving out of Smith Tower mid-year?

  • Smith Tower will undergo a complete renovation starting in January. The renovation will update the building with the modern amenities that students have come to expect from SUNY Cortland including: new bathrooms, kitchens and a new floor plan that better serves the current student population.

Will I have to take all of my items home with me during winter break?

  • Yes. You will need to take all your items home with you and then bring them back in January to your new assignment.

When is move out?

  • Residence halls close for the fall 2021 semester on Friday, December 17 at 6 p.m. Smith Tower residents will be permitted to stay late during move out. Residents should complete the Late Stay Request Form on myRedDragon when it's available.

When can I move in to my new building?

  • Smith Tower residents that are moving in the spring will be allowed to move in early in the Spring 2022 semester.

Does SUNY Cortland store personal items?

  • Due to the number of residents in Smith Tower the office of residence life and housing will be unable to provide any storage of personal items.