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Student Staff Positions

Apply to Be a Staff Member

All applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Compete your staff member applications
  • Meet GPA requirements
    • For resident assistants (RA):
      • Minimum 2.5  GPA is required to go through the selection process
      • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the end of the semester to assume and maintain the position
  • Be at least a sophomore-level undergraduate student
  • Be in good student conduct standing
  • Attend an informational meeting
  • Attend the individual interview you signed up for
  • Attend group process
  • If offered the position, a meeting with your new residence hall director (RHD) and, potentially, pre-employment training

Student staff members take an active part in making each residence hall a well-rounded and responsible community that encourages respect among all residents. Responsibilities will fall into three categories: problem solving, programming and administration. By promoting a positive and open atmosphere, you are genuinely involved in making the residential experience valuable and meaningful to our students, an experience they will carry with them throughout their lives. If you want to make a difference in your life and the life of your peers, read more about student staff opportunities below.

SUNY Cortland is an AA/EEO/ADA employer.

Resident Assistant Responsibilities

The RA serves as a liaison between the student affairs staff and students. RAs:

  • Offer peer assistance and direction to students
  • Are concerned with the growth and welfare of each individual in the hall
  • Are considered a member of the residence life and housing staff and are directly supervised by the residence hall director (RHD).

RAs Roles:

  • Friend
  • Counselor
  • Leader
  • Programmer
  • Enforcer of college policies
  • Staff member
  • Student

Within these roles, RAs have several areas to focus on: their floor, their hall and the College. They are to be aware of the needs of the floor, the hall and the College as a whole, while being supportive of the College’s programs and activities. RAs are a unifying force that unites the floor and promotes a sense of belonging and community throughout the hall and the College.

Resident Assistant Qualifications

Applicants must be of sophomore standing at the time of employment or have been a student for at least one semester if a transfer student. The RA position requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to go through the selection process. A 2.5 cumulative and semester GPA is required at the end of the current semester in order to assume the role.

Resident Assistant Benefits


  • RAs are provided with a free single room with a full-sized bed for every semester they are on staff.

Change Lives

  • In the RA role you have the chance to positively influence someone’s life. Be part of a team that changes lives every day.


  • First semester RAs receive a $600 stipend, as well as a 10% College Store discount.

Professional Experience

  • RAs participate in an intensive training program every fall and also go through continued on-going training to help develop their full potential.

Resume Builder

  • When employers see you were a residence life staff member on your resume, they see a leader sitting before them.

Leadership Experience

  • RAs gain invaluable experience leading others, and are given the opportunity to improve necessary skills such as public speaking and conflict resolution.