Academic Help in the Halls

Academic Peer Mentor (APM)

Within the residence halls, the policies, programs, and practices of the staff are focused on advancing dimensions of learning in students. Student Staff help to promote the educational environment in a manner that will most readily advance the learning of students.  

- Gregory Blimling

What is an APM?

An undergraduate student that lives in the residence hall and is trained to be a resource for students with academic concerns.

Why would I need an APM?

  • For assistance with registration
  • To gain study and time management skills
  • To learn how to approach a faculty member
  • to know important dates and deadlines

Who is my APM? 

Alger Hall
Clark Hall
Glass Tower
Higgins Hall
Casey Tower
Smith Tower
Whitaker Hall

Goals of the APM Program

  • To be a resource and referral agent in a residence hall for concerns related to curriculum, academic policies and procedures, and career planning.
  • To facilitate on-going academic assistance programs, especially in the area of study skills, time management, test taking skills and stress management.
  • To help foster an academic environment in the residence halls that integrates the co-curricular with the academic.

Employment Opportunities

Applicants must be of sophomore standing at the time of employment or have been a student for at least one semester if a transfer student.  Applicants must not have a current judicial probationary status in order to apply.  A cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 is required and must be maintained throughout the term of employment.  Applicants must not have a current judicial probationary status in order to apply. Please check the employment page for more information.