Introducing Degree Works

Degree Works Banner

Degree Works at SUNY Cortland

Degree Works is a powerful and comprehensive degree auditing program that SUNY Cortland is adopting to replace the CAPP Degree Audit. Degree Works is part of the Banner and Ellucian suite of software products. The new Degree Works system is designed to work in concert with our existing Banner tools and services, and will provide seamless communication between a student's Banner academic history and the degree audit.

Degree Works has been purchased for use across the entire SUNY system, and is required to support Student Mobility initiatives

Enhanced Features and Extensibility

Degree Works represents the next generation of degree planning and auditing tools, and has a much more robust feature set. The system offers many advantages over CAPP, especially in its visual display and ability to convey and represent more information and requirements. Additional features include:

  • Easy to read and comprehend visual cues 
  • Visual progress meters
  • Clean and concise layout
  • More comprehensive requirement advice
  • Class summaries and coursework views
  • Planning tools for faculty, staff and students
  • Ability to store and transmit advising notes and advice
  • GPA calculators for students
  • Improved "What If" auditing and new "Look Ahead" planning tools
  • Tighter integration with registration and course data
  • Improved substitution, waiver and exception reporting and management

Transitioning to Degree Works

Degree Works builds on our existing Banner Student Information System, and will seamlessly integrate our existing data in Banner into the new degree audits (called "worksheets" in Degree Works). While CAPP and Degree Works are very different systems, the structure and programs developed within CAPP will serve as a template for the Degree Works implementation.

Degree Works offers a great deal of additional requirement programming ability, and allows us to fine-tune requirements and experiences in new and more robust ways. We anticipate that Degree Works will be able to better accommodate complex program requirements and be able to draw in additional experiences much more easily (such as test scores, certifications, and workshops).

Help and Support

  • Training:  Staff from Advisement and Transition are available in computer labs for students, faculty and staff hands on experience and individual questions during scheduled dates. Advisement and Transition also make staff available for group presentation, and to assist individual academic departments and student groups in learning more about Degree Works. 
  • Documentation: Advisement and Transition has developed training and support documents and guides for use by students, faculty and staff.
  • Administrative Support Resources: The Registrar's Office and Information Resources primarily provide administrative support to Degree Works, and work to maintain availability and provide for continued development in concert with curricular changes and development.