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Bouldering Comp Fall 2017

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What: Cortland Crux Bouldering Competition
Where: Climbing Wall
When:  Sun, Dec 2 from 7pm - 9pm
Who  Open to climbers of all abilities (Can Sign up at the climbing wall)
Cost: Free

Description: Red Point: This type of competition provides many different climbing routes. Each route has a different level of difficulty and a unique point value to reflect the level of difficulty. Points are gained only if the route is completed. Points are scored by sending the problem from the start to the top without falling and by only using holds that are on the designated route. Competitors must complete problems without getting verbal or visual help while on the wall. To get the points you need 2 signatures from other competitors who saw you successfully complete the route. Partial points are not awarded in redpoint format. Falls must be recorded but are only taken into account to break a tie. There will be prizes and raffles for those in attendance. If you do not want to compete still stop by to catch all of the action.

Our Facility

No matter what your experience, the SUNY Cortland climbing gym has something for everyone.  Our gym consists of a 42 foot roped climbing area with eight top ropes, three lead climbing routes, an auto belay system and a 13 foot bouldering wall.  We offer basic and advanced clinics as well as competitions throughout the year.  Stop in today for an orientation to begin climbing.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 3-10 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 2-8 p.m.

Please view the Recreational Sports Webpage for hours over breaks.  Note: Ensure to call ahead to see if we will be open, for we have limited staffing over breaks.