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Game Room

The Game Room is the ultimate social/play area equipped with four Gaming Stations each with:

  • Wii, X-Box, and PlayStation
  • four billiard tables
  • two air hockey tables
  • one dome hockey unit
  • two foosball tables
  • two electronic basketball units
  • two Skee-Ball machines
  • two dart boards.

Everything is free of charge to use with a valid Cortland ID, except for table tennis balls, which are $1.00 each. The gaming systems can be used for as long as you want unless there is a wait list in which you would be limited to a two-hour time frame.

Game Room Rules: 

  • All participants must present a valid SUNY Cortland ID card or Student Life Center membership card for checkout and rental privileges. ID must be presented when checking out/renting equipment and also when returning equipment.
  • Absolutely no sitting, standing, leaning, or laying on any game room equipment.
  • Absolutely no food or drink, including water, in the Game Room at any time.
  • Participants are responsible for repair and replacement costs of equipment damaged while in their use
  • Participants will be subject to late charges for equipment that is not returned by 11:59 p.m. the same day of checkout or rental.
  • Equipment found in the Student Life Center that is not properly "checked-in" will be subject to a fine of $5.00.

Items for Rent

Game Table Equipment

  • Air Hockey Mallet (Free)
  • Air Hockey Puck (Free)
  • Billiards Ball Set (Free)
  • Billiards Chalk (Free)
  • Billiards Cue (Free)
  • Billiards Triangle (Free)
  • Dart Set (Free)
  • Dome Hockey Puck (Free)
  • Foosball Game Ball (Free)
  • Table Tennis Paddle (Free)
  • Chess/Checkers/Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game

XBOX One Video Game Equipment

  • XBOX One Console (Free)
  • XBOX One Wireless Controller (Free)
  • XBOX One Headset Controller (Free)
  • NBA Live 15 Video Game (Free)
  • Destiny Video Game (Free)
  • FIFA 16 (Free)
  • Forza 5 Video Game (Free)
  • Mortal Kombat X (Free)
  • UFC (Free)
  • Need For Speed (Free)

Playstation 4 Video Game Equipment

  • PS4 Video Game Console (Free)
  • PS4 Charging Wires (Free)
  • PS4 Controller Black (Free)
  • PS4 Controller White (Free)
  • PS4 Headphones (Free)
  • Destiny Video Game (Free)
  • Drive Club Video Game (Free)
  • Madden NFL 15 Video Game (Free)
  • NBA 2K15 Video Game (Free)
  • MLB 14 Video Game (Free)
  • NHL 15 Video Game (Free)
  • Injustice Video Game (Free)
  • UFC 2 (Free)

Wii U Video Game Equipment

  • Wii U Console (Free)
  • Wii U Super Controller (Free)
  • Wii U Wireless Controller (Free)
  • Wii U Slim Remote Controller (Free)
  • Wii U Nunchuk Controller (Free)
  • Just Dance Video Game (Free)
  • Super Mario 3D Video Game (Free)
  • Mario Kart 8 Video Game (Free)
  • Smash Brothers Video Game (Free)
  • Nintendo Land Video Game (Free)
  • Super Controller Charging Wires (Free)
  • Controller Charging Wires (Free)
  • Super Controller Charger (Free)
  • Super Controller Stand (Free)

Items for Sale

Table Tennis Balls ($1.00/Each)