COVID-19 Safety Information

Functional Training Room

Not to be confused with Cross-Fit, the Functional Training Room is designed for Cross Training, which encompasses Olympic lifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning to improve fitness and performance. Classes are held throughout the week and are taught by certified Cross-Fit instructors. When a Cross Training class isn't scheduled in this room, everyone is welcome to use the space and equipment which includes weighted tires, sand bags, Bulgarian bags, TRX Suspension Trainers, a resistance arm rope, monkey bars, battling ropes, and more. Members of the Student Life Center have unlimited resources in this room to help improve functionality in everyday movements!

Functional Training Room Rules: 

  • Participants must be 17 years of age to use the Functional Training Room Space.
  • Scheduled Cross Training classes have priority use.
  • Dropping or slamming of any equipment must be done on the lifting platform.
  • No equipment is to be brought into or out of the Functional Training Room.
  • Wall ball and other exercises (i.e. Handstands) must be done on designated wall on East end.
  • Tires must be flipped on North End closest to
    Multi-Activity Court.
  • Participants must use equipment according to the manufacturer's intended purpose. If you are unsure of how to use equipment, ask a Recreational Sports staff member.
  • Participants must return all equipment to its proper place after use and report malfunctioning or broken equipment to any Recreational Sports staff.