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Equipment Checkout

Equipment Checkout allows patrons to check out a variety of recreational and sporting equipment. Most equipment,  may be checked out at no charge. Equipment and rental prices are listed below.

Equipment Checkout Rules:

  • All Participants must present a valid SUNY Cortland ID card or Student Life Center membership card for checkout and rental privileges. ID must be presented when checking out/renting equipment and also when returning equipment.
  • Participants are responsible for repair and replacement costs of equipment damaged while in their use.
  • Participants will be subject to late charges for equipment that is not returned by 11:59 p.m. the same day of checkout or rental.
  • Equipment found in the Student Life Center that is not properly "checked-in" will be subject to a fine of $5.00.
  • Lost and found is located in Equipment Checkout. More expensive items will be brought to the Recreational Sports Office. Items will be donated after 2 weeks.
  • Participants must “check in” towels and jerseys before placing them down the laundry chute.

Items for Rent


  • Basketball (Free)
  • Football (Free)
  • Indoor Soccer Ball (Free)
  • Outdoor Soccer Ball (Free)
  • Volleyball (Free)

Fitness Equipment


  • Agility Hurdles (Free)
  • Agility Ladder (Free)
  • Crossover Symmetry Set (Free)
  • Jump Rope 8ft (Free)
  • Jump Rope 9ft (Free)
  • Jump Rope 10ft (Free)
  • Mini Bands (Free)
  • Massage Stick (Free)
  • Slider Pads (Free)
  • Speed Rope (Free)
  • Strength Bands (Free)
  • Stretching Straps (Free)
  • Tubing with Handles (Free)
  • Weight Vest (Free)
  • Weighted Rope (Free)



Dark Blue Jersey ($1.00)
Dark Green Jersey ($1.00)
Light Blue Jersey ($1.00)
Neon Green Jersey ($1.00)
Orange Jersey ($1.00)
Purple Jersey ($1.00)
Red Jersey ($1.00)
White Jersey ($1.00)
Yellow Jersey ($1.00)

Racket Equipment


Badminton Racket (Free) 
Pickleball Ball (Free) 
Pickleball Racket (Free) 
Protective Goggles (Free)
Racquetball Racket (Free)
Squash Racket (Free)
Tennis Racket (Free)

Rock Climbing Shoes


Size 5.5, Size 6.0, Size 6.5, Size 7.0, Size 7.5, Size 8.0, Size 8.5, Size 9.0, Size 9.5, Size 10.0, Size 10.5, Size 11.0, Size 11.5, Size 12.0, Size 12.5, Size 13.0, Size 14.0, Size 15.0

Boxing Equipment


  • Boxing Gloves Green (Free)
  • Boxing Gloves Pink (Free)
  • Boxing Gloves Red (Free)
  • Boxing Gloves White (Free)
  • Punching Mits (Free)
  • Speed Bag (Free)

Golf Simulator 

  • Golf Simulator
    • Faculty/Staff/Others: $20.00/Hour or $10.00/Half Hour
    • Students: $10.00/Hour or $5.00/Half Hour
  • Lefty Golf Clubs (Free)
  • Righty Golf Clubs (Free)
  • *Hourly Rate can be split between multiple individuals using the same Golf Simulator 

Locker/Towel Service

Locker and Towel Service are also available through Equipment Checkout. Lockers can be rented by semester or full year. A Men's, Women's and Family Locker Room are available in the Student Life Center. Rented lockers include towel service. Towels may be picked up at Equipment Checkout.

Day-Use lockers are available on a first-come/first-serve basis. Patrons must provide their own lock and lockers must be emptied each night. Day-Use lockers are labeled in the Men's, Women's and Family Locker Room.


Faculty/Staff/Other Student Life Center Members: $30.00/semester, $30.00/summer, or $50.00/year. 

Student: $15.00/semester, $15.00/Summer, $25.00/year.

Miscellaneous Recreational Equipment 


  • Frisbee (Free)
  • Tug of War Rope (Free)
  • Kan-Jam (Free)
  • Spike Ball (Free)
  • Swim Goggles (Free)

Items for Sale 


  • Racquetball Cans ($5.00/Can)
  • Racquetball Ball Single ($2.00/Each)
  • Shuttlecocks ($1.00/Each)
  • Squash Ball ($3.00/Each)
  • Tennis Ball Cans ($3.50/Can)