COVID-19 Safety Information

Circuit/Free Weight Area

Located on the first floor of the Student Life Center with over 9,000 square feet, you can find a machine to work any part of the body you want to target on the selectorized machine side or head over to the opposite side of the facility which is equipped with dumbbells, squat racks, plate-loaded machines, Olympic benches and a stretching area.


  • Participants must be 17 years of age to use the Circuit/Free Weight Area.
  • The Circuit/Free Weight Area is operated on an open recreation concept. Therefore, team/group workouts are not allowed. Individuals or groups may not dominate any area of the facility or piece of equipment. Participants are also expected to move from machine to machine at a reasonable rate.
  • Machines should be cleaned after each use. Do not spray disinfectant directly on to console and/or electronic components.
  • In order to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, it is recommended that everyone have a towel in their possession at all times.
  • Appropriate fitness attire must be worn at all times. This includes athletic sneakers (no open footwear or boots). No jeans or cutoff jeans.
  • When using chalk:
    • Please “chalk up” your hands inside the chamber.
    • “Clap” your hands together inside chamber.
    • Remove hands from chamber.
    • Avoid clapping hands together outside of chamber.
  • Locker rooms must be used to change clothing.
  • Only bumper plates may be dropped, and this must be done on platforms.
  • Participants must follow all posted instructions for proper equipment use, according to the manufacturer's intended purpose. If you are unsure of how to use equipment, ask a Recreational Sports staff member.
  • Participants must return all equipment to its proper place after use and report malfunctioning or broken equipment to the staff.
  • All weights must be re-racked after each use.