COVID-19 Safety Information

3-Lane Track

The 3-Lane Track is open during all recreational hours. The track consists of three lanes designed for walking, jogging and/or running. Patrons must follow the running direction displayed at each entrance of the track. 

3-Lane Track Rules: 

  •  5 Lap equivalent mile.
  •  Running allowed only in outside lane.
  •  Walking allowed only in inside and middle lane.
  •  No organized team practices.
  •  Only running and walking allowed on track.
  •  No accessories or equipment are to be used on the track.
  •  Railing not to be used as stretching aid.
  •  No blocking lanes.
  •  No loitering on track.
  •  Only athletic shoes are to be worn on track. No boots, bare feet or spikes.
  •  No strollers on the track