COVID-19 Safety Information

3-Court Gymnasium

This gymnasium like all of our activity areas, this is an open-recreation area. It is available at all times for open rec activities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and pickleball. There is always a volleyball net set up and the badminton/pickleball nets can be set up upon request. The three courts can be partitioned off if necessary.

3-Court Gymnasium Rules

  • Volleyball has priority on Court #3. Basketball may not be played while a pickup volleyball game is in progress.
  • Pickleball/Badminton have priority use on Tuesday/Friday evenings from
    8 p.m. – Midnight on Court #1.
  • No boots or street shoes allowed on courts. Only Clean/Dry athletic shoes allowed.
  • No dunking allowed.
  • No throwing of equipment, including balls, against the walls or glass.
  • No equipment may be brought in from any other areas.
  • Lacrosse balls, Baseballs/softballs and soccer balls are not allowed.
  • Personal sound systems are not allowed.
  • Only trained Recreational Sports Staff can
    move goals.