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Yoga Class Descriptions

Stretch and De-Stress

This class is suitable for all levels. Classes are taught in the YogaFit style with modifications for all strength and flexibility levels. Come and unwind by flowing through postures, stretching your body and relaxing your mind.   

Foundations Yoga

Foundations Yoga teaches new participants some basic philosophy behind the ancient practice of yoga and builds from basic yoga poses and their Sanskrit names with proper alignment to gain strength, flexibility and clarity of mind providing access to relaxation and stress management. 

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu is one of the Hindu words for compassion and Kripalu Yoga is gentle and tailored to each individual person's capacities. This type of yoga will help students learn to understand their bodies and realize that the body is the center of our being. A thorough warm-up and proper alignment of the body is emphasized. Gradually poses are held for a longer duration and micro-movements are incorporated to help lubricate and nourish joints. This class is suitable for all levels with modifications for all strength and flexibility levels. 

Gentle Yoga

A gentle class led at an unhurried pace. This class focuses on simple postures and is appropriate for those who want a softer, nurturing, slower-paced and well-supported relaxing practice. 

Restore and Renew

A gentle, peaceful, meditative experience with soft music, dim lighting, longer pose holds and plenty of comfy props like blankets, straps, and blocks to cradle you with care. Allow gravity to work its magic on your body as your joints and muscles release and become more open and your mind relaxes into thoughtless restoration. This class is a real stress buster! 

Hatha Flow Yoga

Basic and intermediate postures are linked together in flowing sequences to bring balance to the entire body using the breath as a tool for concentration. This class builds overall strength and flexibility and aids in balancing both the body and mind.

Buti Yoga

Buti yoga, meaning "the cure," incorporates Vinyasa Yoga, African/Tribal dance styles, plyometric movements and body shaking to train the body in the toughest ways possible. Buti yoga is a total body workout, helping to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. Not only will this class give you a great sweat, but you will also have a blast taking it!  

Vinyasa Strong Yoga

This class includes a variety of yoga postures creatively put together to form a flowing sequence. Class format includes centering, gentle warm-up, work phase, a balance posture, deep stretching and culminates with deep relaxation. Regular participation in yoga practice will help to lengthen and strengthen your muscles and tendons, promote body awareness and aid in creating greater union between mind, body and breath. 


We don't have to meditate for 20 minutes in order to "get something out of it." People of all ages can gain peace of mind, increased happiness, and a powerfully grounded presence in less than three minutes. Use a chair or sit on the floor in a friendly group setting and learn how to meditate extremely well and how to make meditation a way of life.