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Massage Therapy

SUNY Cortland Massage Therapy Program 

Hannah Polanko-Baker

Hannah graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2016. Two years after blowing her knee out, a weekly connective tissue session on her hamstrings helped to aid and even shorten the long healing process. Since then, she couldn't stop thinking about what a miracle it was and finally found her self wanting to help other athletes with holistic medicine. Hannah believes massage can help aid in preventing injuries, or assist in healing injuries that have already occurred whether it¹s due to stress, overused muscles, or even post-surgery. She loves to work with athletes and do specific deep tissue work. Those techniques include Swedish massage, connective tissue therapy and trigger point therapy. As an athlete herself, she knows first hand the benefits of massage therapy and is able to bring her knowledge into every session to help her clients maximize their recovery.

SUNY Cortland Students, Faculty and Staff and current members of the Student Life Center can schedule full-length "on the table" Sports or Relaxation Massages and shorter Chair Massages with NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Hannah Polanko-Baker.


Pay for your massage at the Front Desk in the Student Life Center or in the Recreational Sports Office, Room 1201. Payment may be made by cash or check (made out to SUNY Cortland). For more payment information, call 607-753-5585.

Student Massage Prices

Single 15 Minute Chair Massage     $ 15.00
Package of (5) 15 Min. Chair Massages $ 65.00
50 Minute Sport or Relaxation Massage   $ 50.00
Package of (5) 50 Min. Massages  $240.00

Faculty/Staff/Other Massage Prices

Single 15 Minute Chair Massage     $ 20.00
Package of (5) 15 Min. Chair Massages $ 90.00
50 Minute Sport or Relaxation Massage   $ 60.00
Package of (5) 50 Min. Massages  $290.00


After purchasing your massage sessions, schedule your appointment directly with Hannah by calling or sending a text message to book your session.


SPORTS MASSAGE: Address a specific concern with a targeted session "on the table." Sports Massages promote flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance and can help prevent injuries. Sports Massage sessions are available throughout the year, by appointment only. Each session lasts 50 minutes.  

RELAXATION MASSAGE: Reduce over-all bodily tension and unwind mental stress "on the table." Relaxation massages are available throughout the year, by appointment only. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

CHAIR MASSAGE: Never had a massage before? Are your shoulders  and neck bothering you? If so, this may be the modality for you. During a Chair Massage, the Massage Therapist accesses your muscles through your clothing, which does not require any oil or lotion to be applied to your skin. The sole focus of this type of massage is on your shoulders and upper back.


  • Increase your Athletic Performance.
  • Relieve Stress and Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Reduce Recurrent Migraines.
  • Take Care of Aches and Pains from Repetitive Motion or Poor Ergonomics at Work.
  • Relieve Pain in Several Areas of Your Body; including:
  • Neck & Shoulders
  • Upper & Lower Back
  • Arms, Legs, Hands & Feet