Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

Group Exercise Class Descriptions


BUTIYOGA: meaning "the cure" incorporates Vinyasa yoga, African/ tribal dance styles, plyometric movements and body shaking to train the body in the toughest ways possible! Butiyoga is a total body workout, helping to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. This class will give you a great workout and you will also have a blast!
CORE CONDITIONING: an amazing core workout designed to help you tone your core and more...
CORE FLOW: This class is a blend of core strengthening exercises and yoga. It focuses on strengthening your abdominals, back and gluteal muscles. You will experience a series of  exercises and yoga poses that will improve your functional flexibility and overall mobility. 
GENTLE YOGA: this class is led at an unhurried pace and focuses on simple postures, moving slowly and mindfully at a relaxed pace. The focus will be on moving with the breath while nurturing the mind body connection.
HATHA FLOW YOGA: Basic and intermediate postures are linked together in a flowing sequence to bring balance to your entire body using your breath as a tool for concentration. This class builds overall strength & flexibility and aids in balancing both the body and mind.
HIIT: a High Intensity Interval Training class which starts with a warm-up and includes a full body workout consisting of full effort bouts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods using body weight and a variety of equipment.
HIP-HOP STEP AEROBICS: this class is a combination of old and new school hip-hop routines coordinated with a step-up. This is a high energy class designed to provide you with an excellent cardio workout while listening to great music.
HOLISTIC BALANCE: Melt away your stress in this restorative class that focuses on mobility, stretching, and countering daily movement patterns to bring your body back into balance. Learn to become more connected to your body and re-center your mind in a comfortable environment.

INDOOR CYCLING: A fun, high energy cardio workout! The instructor motivates you to bike at various resistances and through different courses of hills and sprints. Open to all fitness levels.
: Kripalu is one of the Hindu words for compassion. This yoga class encourages letting go of any judgement, competition or expectations you may have for yourself or with others. Class format includes centering, warm-up, work-phase, balance, deeper stretching and culminates with relaxation. Regular participation in yoga helps to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, promote body awareness, and aids in developing a greater union between your mind, body &  breath.
NO LIMIT STRENGTH TRAINING: the focus for this class is strength training, with a different full body workout every week! You will learn proper form throughout a wide range of exercises while building confidence to perform the exercises on your own!
POWER: a high intensity circuit training class which includes a variety of exercises utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells and more…
PUMPFIT: A full-body barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit.
STRENGTH & CONDITIONING: a fun and challenging workout involving exercises designed to target your entire body utilizing a variety of both traditional and functional exercises.
STRETCH & DESTRESS YOGA: This class is suitable for all levels. Classes are taught in the YogaFit style with modifications for all strength and flexibility levels. Come and unwind by flowing through postures, stretching your body and relaxing your mind.
TONE & SCULPT: A low impact, upbeat, full body workout, great for all levels  of fitness! This class will focus on adding definition to your physique using higher reps and lower weight.
VINYASA YOGA: This class includes a variety of postures creatively put together in a constant flow of movements to form a flowing sequence.
ZUMBA: A full body dance class which acts as a cardio and toning workout. Come dance to Latin music!