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Swim Lessons

General Information

Starting fall of 2022 the Student life Center will be offering swim lessons to students, faculty, staff,and their children. Our instructors are experienced and certified lifeguards. If you are interested in taking swim lessons at the Student Life Center please fill out the interest form below to be assigned to an instructor.

Click this link to fill out and submit an interest form:

Interest Form

Click this link to purchase swim lessons:

(Please do not purchase lessons until you have been matched with an instructor)

Purchase Portal

One on One

1 hr Lesson:

Single: $25

6 Pack: $144

12 Pack: $276

1/2 hr Lesson:

Single: $13

6 Pack: $75

12 Pack: $144

Partner Lessons

(Both participants must purchase)

1 hr Lesson:

Single: $15

6 Pack: $87

12 Pack: $168

Group Swim Lessons

** Group lessons will be offered in the Spring of 2023 if interest is sufficient.