Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

Payment of Lodging Charges for Groups or Individuals Attending State Sponsored Conferences

This establishes formal guidelines for securing group or individual local lodging to be paid from State funding. This procedure serves to expedite payments to lodging vendors, while designating the name(s) of those authorized to charge lodging to the College, as well as certify tax exempt status.

NOTE: Attendees are expected to personally pay for all telephone calls, cable-movie rentals, and all other incidental charges at the time of check out.


  1. The campus individual making the lodging arrangements for the attendee(s) determines the date(s) for which lodging is required and the lodging establishment to be used.
  2. Before calling the lodging establishment, please call the Purchasing Office at ext. 2305 for a purchase order number to provide the hotel at the time reservations are made.
  3. The campus individual then contacts the lodging vendor and arranges reservations for the conference attendee(s) for the date(s) needed, requesting the New York State Government rate (lodging rates cannot exceed the prevailing lodging per diem for Cortland County). Advise the hotel of the tax exempt status of the charge and give the vendor the purchase order number assigned by Purchasing, advising that a hard copy purchase order will follow as confirmation.
  4. The campus individual then promptly completes a Purchase Requisition for the lodging charge, stating the name(s) of the attendee(s), the State rate quoted by the hotel and the number of days of stay for each attendee.
    NOTE: If the attendee(s) will be eating a meal at the lodging establishment, an amount for that meal may be listed on the Purchase Requisition and added to the lodging amount for the total amount the lodging vendor is authorized to bill the College. Meal rates MUST NOT exceed the prevailing meal per diem for Cortland and MUST NOT include charges for alcoholic beverages.
  5. The Campus individual then calls the Purchasing Office with the dollar amount of the requisition. The completed requisition is forwarded with appropriate signatures and account coding to Purchasing. The purchase order number initially given out by Purchasing should be prominently labeled on the top of the requisition.
  6. Purchasing issues the purchase order to the lodging vendor as confirmation of the reservation and assurance of future payment via State funds.