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Additional Documentation - Reasonableness of Price

State Contracts & Preferred Sources

If the commodities/services are on State Contract, please provide the contract number. State Contract items do not require anything further to process the order. Purchases from NY State Preferred Sources do not require any additional documentation.

Price Verification & Vendor Selection

Price quotes from at least 2-3 other responsible vendors that can provide the similar type product or service to demonstrate that the vendor you have chosen has the lowest reasonable price. Each procurement should include a quote from at least one M/W/SDVOB vendor as a good faith effort to meet state goals. Published price lists or Internet search information may be acceptable when price quotes are not feasible. It is advisable to document reasonableness of price and vendor selection criteria whenever possible for purchases less than $2,500 and is required for purchases above $2,500.  Written documentation should support both the selection of the vendor and the reasonableness of the price (Reasonableness of Price Check List).

Single Source Procurement

A Single Source procurement is defined as one in which two or more vendors can supply the commodity, technology and/or perform the services required by an agency, but the State agency selects one vendor over the others for the reasons such as expertise or previous experience with similar purchases. Circumstances leading an agency to select this method of procurement may include, for example, an agency's need for a specific consultant firm where a number of firms are available to perform the work. In such case, the agency can demonstrate a rational basis for selecting a single vendor because of specific factors such as past experience with a particular issue, familiarity with specific agency operations, experience with similar projects at other agencies or at other levels of government, demonstrated expertise, or capacity and willingness to respond to the situation. In a single source procurement, the agency must document in the Procurement Record:

(i) the circumstances leading to the selection of the vendor, including the alternatives considered;

(ii) its rationale for selecting the specific vendor; and

(iii) the basis upon which it determined the cost was reasonable, as in the case of a Sole Source procurement, and how that conclusion was reached.

All such documentation is required by OSC in order to review the proposed purchase.

Sole Source Procurement

A Sole Source procurement is one for which only one vendor can supply the commodities, technology and/or perform the services required by an agency. Procurement by this method must be documented in the Procurement Record by an explanation of:

(i) the unique nature of the requirement,

(ii) the basis upon which it was determined that there is only one known vendor able to meet the need, i.e. the steps taken to identify potential competitors; and

(iii) the basis upon which the agency determined the cost to be reasonable, i.e. "fair market price" that could be anticipated had normal competitive conditions existed, and how that conclusion was reached. (Examples of such determination may include a comparison to product catalogs, published price lists, retail market surveys, records of previous similar purchases, experience).

All such documentation is required by OSC in order to review the proposed purchase.

Contract Reporter Ads

If the procurement cost is over $50,000 and the purchase is not from a State contract, we are required to place a notice of the anticipated purchase in the New York State Contract Reporter for a minimum of fifteen business days.

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