Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

The International Programs Office is proud to present the winners of the
Fall 2018 Study Abroad Photo Contest: 

World As Your Classroom Category

4 Months On A Jacket - Nicole Farda

"4 Months on a Jacket"

1st Place  ♦   Nicole Farda   ♦   Location: Florence, Italy   ♦  


La Rochelle, France_Illiana Wong

"Vieux Port"

2nd Place  ♦  Illiana Wong  ♦   Location: La Rochelle, France   ♦  


Maasai Village,Tanzania_Alisa DiMaggio

"Learning from the Maasai"

3rd Place   ♦   Alisa DiMaggio   ♦   Location: Maasai Village, Tanzania   ♦  


The Pride of France - Alyssa Roderick

"The Pride of France"

Honorable Mention  ♦   Alyssa Roderick   ♦   Location: Paris, France  ♦  


By the Book - Brooke Weinstein

"By the Book"

Honorable Mention   ♦   Brooke Weinstein   ♦   Location: Mangalore, India   ♦ 

How Very British - Giorgi Ervolina

"How Very British"

Honorable Mention   ♦   Giorgi Ervolina  ♦   Location: London, England   ♦


Parthenon - Alyson Nilsen


Honorable Mention   ♦  Alyson Nilsen  ♦   Location: Athens, Greece   ♦  


Culture and Customs Category

Celebrating Holi - Arielle Curry

"Celebrating Holi"

1st Place   ♦  Arielle Curry  ♦   Location: Basantapur, Nepal   ♦  


A Man and his Horse - Claire McLaughlin

"A Man and His Horse"

2nd Place   ♦  Claire McLaughlin  ♦   Location: Santorini, Greece   ♦ 


Traditional Wear - Delilahalynn Wells

"Traditional Wear"

3rd Place   ♦  DelilahaLynn Wells  ♦   Location: Mangalore, India   ♦  


Busy Streets of Kathmandu - Olga Grygiel

"The Busy Streets of Kathmandu"

Honorable Mention   ♦ Olga Grygiel ♦   Location: Kathmandu, Nepal   ♦  


Weekend in Amsterdam - Kendall Ullman

"Weekend in Amsterdam"

Honorable Mention   ♦ Kendall Ullman ♦   Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands  ♦  


Republica Day - Sara Levine

"Republica Day, Rome, Italy"

Honorable Mention   ♦ Sara Levine ♦   Location: Rome, Italy ♦  


Kumasi Market - Isaac Skenazy

"Kumasi Market"

Honorable Mention   ♦ Isaac Skenazy ♦   Location: Kumasi, Ghana ♦  


Different Perspectives Category

On the Edge - Kate Warner

"On the Edge"

1st Place   ♦ Kate Warner♦   Location: Trolltunga, Norway ♦  


Perugia, Italy - Aaliyah Camp


2nd Place   ♦ Aaliyah Camp ♦   Location: Perugia, Italy ♦  


Coumeenoole Beach - Kerry Berman

"Coumeenoole Beach"

3rd Place   ♦  Kerry Berman ♦   Location: Coumeenoole Beach, Ventry, Ireland ♦  


Reflecting on the Beach - McKenna Cannon-Bailey

"Reflecting on the Beach"

Honorable Mention   ♦  McKenna Cannon-Bailey ♦   Location: Inch Beach, County Kerry, Ireland ♦  


Amigos From All Over - Julianne Loney

"Amigos From All Over"

Honorable Mention   ♦  Julianne Loney ♦   Location: Side of the Road, Costa Rica♦  


Muricielago Islands- Catie Fuentes

"Muricielago Islands"

Honorable Mention   ♦  Catie Fuentes ♦   Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica ♦  


Bavarian Alps - Madison Herbert

"Bavarian Alps"

Honorable Mention   ♦  Madison Herbert ♦   Location: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany ♦  


All awards for winning photos are supported by the ASC grant.