International Student Photo Contest Winners

The International Programs Office is proud to present the winners of the Fall 2018 International Student Photo Contest:

International Student Experience Category

Wonderstruck in the City -  Annika Steffens

"Wonderstruck in the City"

1st Place ♦ Annika Steffens ♦ Location: New York City ♦ Home Country: Germany


Miami Trip - Ting-Yu Lee

"Miami Trip"

2nd Place ♦ Ting-Yu Lee ♦ Location: Miami ♦ Home Country: Taiwan


Horizon -  Ardesian Binjakaj


3rd Place ♦ Ardesian Binjakaj ♦ Location:Philadelphia ♦ Home Country: Albania


Happy Birthday SUNY Cortland- Max Bittis

"Happy Birthday, SUNY Cortland"

Honorable Mention ♦ Max Bittis ♦ Location: Cortland, NY ♦ Home Country: Germany


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"Experience Miami in Fall 2019"

Honorable Mention ♦ Renning Mao ♦ Location: Miami ♦ Home Country: China


International Student Selfie Category

Sunrise - Jun Keat Wong


1st Place ♦ Jun Keat Wong ♦ Location: Raquette Lake, NY ♦ Home Country: Malaysia


Niagara Falls - Irmak Yardım

"Niagara Falls"

2nd Place  Irmak Yardim ♦ Location: Niagara Falls, NY ♦ Home Country: Turkey


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"Miami Trip"

3rd Place (tie)  Lucas Heuft ♦ Location: Miami ♦ Home Country: Germany


Once a Red Dragon, Forever a Red Dragon - Siyu He

"Once a Red Dragon, Forever a Red Dragon"

3rd Place (tie)  Siyu He ♦ Location: Cortland, NY ♦ Home Country: China


Owned the Niagara Falls - Chih-Yu Lee

"Owned the Niagara Falls"

Honorable Mention  Chih-Yu Lee ♦ Location: Niagara Falls, NY ♦ Home Country: Taiwan


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"SUNY Cortland Rocksssss"

Honorable Mention  Thu-Dung Chou ♦ Location: Cortland, NY ♦ Home Country: Taiwan


All awards for winning photos are supported by the ASC grant.