International Student Photo Contest Winners

The International Programs Office is proud to present the winners of the Fall 2019 International Student Photo Contest:

International Student Experience Category

a- JOEL LEE flipped

"Rainbow in the Canyon"

1st Place ♦ Joel Lee ♦ Location: Arizona♦ Home Country: Taiwan


IMG_4652 - carina hopp

"Germany/France Competition"

Runner-Up ♦ Carina Hopp ♦ Location: Taughannock Falls State Park ♦ Home Country: Germany


dsadsadsad - Ardee

"Hero 7 "

Popular Choice (Tie) ♦ Ardesian Binjakaj ♦ Location:Niagara Falls ♦ Home Country: Albania


0C9939A2-B5E1-40B2-A12A-03D581CFBE6A - Melissa Alvisi

"Fall in Central NY"

Popular Choice (Tie)♦ Melissa Alvisi ♦ Location: Taughannock Falls State Park ♦ Home Country: Italy


e-Paco Brassier

"Old Main's"

Honorable Mention ♦Paco Brassier ♦ Location: Cortland, NY ♦ Home Country: France

f-Yu-Ting Lu

"Let's Fall in Love"

Honorable Mention ♦ Yu-Ting Lu ♦ Location: Niagara Falls, NY♦ Home Country: Taiwan


International Student Selfie Category

Kiyingi_international_fishing - Joey Kiyingi


1st Place ♦ Joey Kiyingi ♦ Location: Battle Creek, Michigan ♦ Home Country: Uganda


33AA5E91-B05E-4D2F-81C1-FD2ABD5AB56E - Christian Bergmann

"If you need space, join NASA"

Runner-Up  Christian Bergmann ♦ Location: Kennedy Space Center ♦ Home Country: Germany



Rodenberg_InternationalSelfie_DragonPride&Fun - Bettina R

"Dragon Pride  & Fun"

Popular Choice♦ Bettina Rodenberg ♦ Location: Cortland, NY ♦ Home Country: Germany


IMG-20191004-WA0418 - REKHA KUMARI (1)


Honorable Mention  Rekha Kumari ♦ Location: Chicago, Illinois ♦ Home Country: Pakistan


Cortland hockey

"Picture Day"

Honorable Mention ♦ Luca Durante ♦ Location: Cortland, NY ♦ Home Country: Canada


All awards for winning photos are supported by the ASC grant.