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International Education Week 2020

We’ve assembled all of the content from International Education Week that we’ve been sharing on our social media in one, easy to find location. Here you’ll find an alumni panel, study abroad alumni reflections, international students reflecting on their time at SUNY Cortland and the SUNY Cortland community reflecting on the impact of our international students.

You will also find the first of a new series of videos organized by our office where our international and study abroad students share recipes from their home countries and their experiences abroad. This is our Virtual Cultural Cooking Series! Our first demonstration is done by Kanon Ashizawa ’20 from Japan who teaches us how to make Shiratama-Dango, a traditional Japanese sweet.

Going Abroad After College: Graduate Study, Work, and Teaching Abroad:

View the recorded event here.

Virtual Cultural Cooking Series

Study Abroad Alumni Reflections

International Student Reflections

International Student Spotlight

International Student Reflection Videos

For more information on International Education Week, studying abroad, or being an international student at SUNY Cortland, contact the International Programs Office at:

Returned Study Abroad Students

Welcome back, study abroad students!

The International Programs Office hopes you had a wonderful, rewarding experience abroad.  Now that you are back, please complete Module 2 of Dr. Bruce LaBrack's "What's Up with Culture" online tutorial. Please be aware of the Ten top Immediate Reentry Challenges by Dr. Bruce LaBrack.

Complete the Online Evaluation for your Program! Please take the time to complete our online evaluation of your program.  Your feedback is essential so that we may maintain and further improve upon the quality of our international programs. We believe that by completing this evaluation it will also serve to help you reflect upon your experience. 

A few notes about the online evaluation:

  • Click on the link below to access the evaluation.
  • You will need to set up a login and password to enter the evaluation. This is so you can re-login to finish the survey at a later date/time.
  • You will be forwarded to the page you were at when you exited. 
  • To leave the evaluation at any point just close out of your browser. To reenter the survey, simply click on the link again.
  • Questions marked with a red asterisks * are mandatory- only a few questions are mandatory, most are optional.
  • The majority of questions are yes/no or multiple choice. There are many places throughout the evaluation for optional additional comments.
  • Total time for the evaluation is between 10- 25 minutes depending on the amount of additional comments provided.
  • You may only complete the evaluation only once.

Please check your email and your program's official Facebook page for the link to the online evaluation.

Thank you in advance for your help in assuring quality programming for future participants!

Also, we welcome you to become involved in any of the following international on-campus organizations:

  • Become a peer mentor to another student going abroad. Interested students can send an email to

  • Become a Study Abroad Peer Advisor:  you will be trained by International Programs staff to help you develop presentation skills. Then, you will visit SUNY Cortland classes to promote our numerous study abroad programs and to share your unique experience abroad with other interested students. Take a look at the Study Abroad Peer Advisors Internship Program Page to apply.

  •  SUNY Cortland's Conversation Partners Program (see below for more information)

  • Visit the list of Active Clubs and Organizations for more information on:

    • Model United Nations
    • La Familia Latina
    • ACME (Asian Cultural and Media Experience)
    • International Awareness Club
    • Write articles for NeoVox (SUNY Cortland's award-winning international college student magazine) 

Need a transcript to document your experience abroad? Please contact the SUNY Cortland's Student Registration and Record Services Office. 

Study Abroad Peer Advisors

 The International Programs Office (IPO) is offering internships to return study abroad participants interested in promoting study abroad to SUNY Cortland students.

The Study Abroad Peer Advisors Internship Program is designed to increase the awareness of study abroad programs on the Cortland campus. Promotions will include student presentations that will provide personal stories and knowledge of study abroad in the attempt to inform and generate student interest in studying abroad. Peer Advisors are also encouraged to explore other means by which to connect with students including, but not limited to, social networking, video blogs, and written articles in student interest publications.

Read the Position Description and complete an Application on the Study Abroad Peer Advisors Internship Page by January 15, 2021 to apply for the spring semester!

English Language and Other Academic Support

English for Academic Purposes Courses

International students can take Advanced EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses, designed to prepare you for the rigors of SUNY Cortland's content courses and help you improve your academic skills for your entire college career. All new matriculated undergraduate and graduate students who are non-native English speakers participate in a required academic language assessment during orientation so instructors can evaluate which support courses are needed. Exchange students make take the courses with permission from the instructor.


Different majors have different expectations when it comes to writing style and conventions. Learn about the foundations of good writing and apply your knowledge to specially-designed activities related to your major.


Develop a ‘dynamite’ academic vocabulary and learn how specific grammatical structures ‘associate’ with specific vocabulary for the production of great writing.


Improve your presentational, note-taking, and academic speaking skills. Learn special strategies to improve your listening and pronunciation.

International Student Seminar

Undergraduate degree-seeking students will be part of the International Student Learning Community, designed to help you succeed at SUNY Cortland. All incoming undergraduate international students are required to take IS Seminar (International Student Seminar), a 1-credit course specially designed to help you transition into a new cultural and social environment. U.S. American students serve as your peer mentors in the course. Exchange students and graduate students may take the course with permission from the instructor.


Engages students in critical thinking about their personal, academic and social development as they make the transition to SUNY Cortland.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center offers its services to students who need assistance in learning how to take U.S. American-style exams and prepare U.S. American-style reports or essays. This program also offers tutoring and sessions on how to study, take notes and organize your time more effectively.  The services of The Learning Center are free. Call 607-753-4309 to make an appointment or make an online appointment.

Conversation Partners Program

This extra-curricular program partners internationals students with U.S. American students. Students will meet 1-2 hours per week with the goal of fostering interaction, easing the transition of international students into the SUNY Cortland college community, and to provide an opportunity for domestic and international students to exchange language practice.

Conversation Partners Program

Are you a student at Cortland who wants to meet people from other parts of the world?

Are you a SUNY Cortland international student who wants to meet U.S. students?

If so, join the Conversation Partner Program! When you join this program, you will be partnered with an international student and learn about each other's cultures.

For more information: please contact the International Programs Office at

*This program is co-sponsored by the SUNY Cortland International Learning Community and the International Programs Office

International Awareness Club

The International Awareness Club (IAC) promotes the discussion of and concern for global affairs.  The club hopes to increase student interest in the world, with the involvement of our staff and faculty on campus.

Advisor: Sharon Steadman, International Studies

Photo and Video Contest

View the entries for the Fall 2020 Study Abroad Photo and Video Contest

View the winners of the Fall 2019 International Student Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Study Abroad and International Student Photo Contests!

Take some great photos while studying abroad? Plan to enter the Twelth Annual Study Abroad  and International Student Photo Contests in Fall 2021!

**More details coming in 2021! **

Open to all students who studied abroad during Summer 2021 as well as International Students who studied at SUNY Cortland during the Spring 2021 semester.

We know you took a lot of fabulous photos  - enter your favorite photos and have a chance to win!

Past Contest Categories include:

Study Abroad Students Only:

  1. The World as Your Classroom: Academic insights gained outside of the traditional walls of a classroom.
  2. Culture & Customs: Unique cultural comparisons or observations from your time abroad

International Students Only:

  1. International Student Selfie Category: Photo of International students either in the United States or abroad. Wearing Cortland logos or holding a cutout of Blaze the Red Dragon are a plus!
  2. International Student Experience: photo sharing student's culture with their campus (SUNY Cortland) or experiencing U.S. culture outside of the campus.

Both Study Abroad and International Students:

  1. Video Category: 30 seconds-2 minute video highlighting your experience studying in a different country.
Entering the Photo Contest is easy:

More information about entering the Photo Contest will be sent to eligible students in Spring/Summer 2021. Questions? Email for more information.

For contest guidelines, see Study Abroad Photo Contest Guidelines. 

Winners will be announced and first, second, and third place photos will be displayed on campus later in the Fall 2021 semester.

We look forward to receiving your entries!

(All awards provided courtesy of the ASC Grant)

Photo Contest submissions from study abroad participants

Study Abroad Photo Contest Fall 2014

Photo Contest submissions from international students

International Student Photo Contest Fall 2014

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