Spring 2021 Guide and COVID-19 information


Back to Work Daily Reporting Tool

Accessing and Submitting Your Daily Office COVID Screening

From a Computer, Tablet or Mobile Device

Covid19 Daily Screening App Homescreen
  • Browse to cortland.edu/COVID19EmployeeScreening (using Chrome when possible)
  • Sign in with your SUNY Cortland credentials; you may need to authenticate with Duo (two-factor authentication) as well
  • You will be presented with the Daily COVID Office Screening Symptom Affirmation Screen
  • Submit your daily screening by selecting yes or no and confirming your selection. You will be presented with further instructions based on your selection.
  • You can browse your past submissions by using the menu on the upper right.
    Please note: You can only make one submission each day.

Adding the Daily Screening App to Your Apple (iOS) or Android Device

PowerApps Icon

The Daily Screening App is a custom application developed by SUNY Cortland within a larger application framework called Microsoft PowerApps. To use the Daily Screening App you first need to add PowerApps to your device.

Create App Icon in PowerApps

  • Download the PowerApps app from the Apple Appstore or Google Play
  • Download and install the PowerApps app on your device
  • Launch the Powerapps app 
  • Sign in using your Cortland credentials; you may be required to authenticate with Duo (two-factor authentication)
  • Important tip for quick access: You can create a quick launch icon on your device that will go directly to the Daily Office COVID Screening app. From the list of applications find the Daily Office COVID Screening app within PowerApps. Tap the ... menu and select "Pin to Home," then follow any additional on-screen instructions. Now you should have an icon on your device to go directly to the Daily Office COVID Reporting App.

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