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Blackboard FAQs

What browser should I use to access Blackboard?

Native browsers for some reason do not work as well as Chrome and Firefox.  For this reason, it is recommended you do not use Safari or Internet Explorer.  If you need assistance downloading an alternative browser please contact The Help Center.

My instructor said I have to submit my assignment in .doc or .docx format and I am on a MAC (or am using Google docs).

If you are using Pages and need assistance in converting your documents to .doc or .docx format use the conversion information provided by Apple.  For a google doc, head to Google drive and locate the document. Click File > Download As and select Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format depending on the type of document it is. Your browser will download the file to your computer.

My test hasn’t opened yet!

Sometimes when an item is set to open at a certain time, we go into a course and wait for it to open.  Go ahead and refresh your browser so the page reloads.  If you still do not see the item and it is past the time it should open, log out and in again.  If it is still not showing, contact your instructor for further guidance.

My course isn’t showing in Blackboard what do I do?

Have you checked your course schedule to make sure you are registered for the course?  If it is an online course, email the faculty member immediately. If the course is a face to face course, ask the faculty member in class if Blackboard is going to be used, and if so, when it will be available for students.  If the faculty member has made the course available and you still cannot view it, please contact The Help Center.

I want to use the Blackboard mobile app but it is not accepting my user name and password!

The Blackboard mobile app does not accept your email address as your username (NetID). Please only use your username (most commonly: firstname.lastname) and your password.  If you continue to have difficulties please contact The Help Center.

I have been told our tests are on Blackboard and I have never taken a test online before, Help!

Blackboard exams can have a variety of settings like auto-submission, timers, and a limited number of attempts. Note that every test will be up to the instructor's preference. If you cannot see a grade or are having difficulty with the test, contact your instructor first. Follow the basic instructions for taking a test, and if you need more assistance, contact the instructor.

My instructor uses Respondus but it doesn’t work on my computer.

First, make sure you download and install the Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLB) from the link provided to you by your instructor.  Make sure you open RLB and use that to access your test. An overview of Respondus LockDown Browser tells you how to open and log into LockDown Browser. SUNY Cortland also uses Monitor which requires the use of a webcam.  This is at the discretion of your professor.   If you receive errors please contact The Help Center.

I’m a TA/GA and I need access to the Blackboard course, what do I need to do?

You will need to fill out the TA/GA Confidentiality Form before you will be able to access the course. Please make sure you enter your instructor’s full email address at the bottom of the form and click “submit.”  The faculty member will receive an email prompting them to finish the form and give their approval.  You should be added to the course within 48 business hours.

Need more help?

Check out Blackboard Tutorials for Faculty or Blackboard Tutorials for Students.

You may also fill out a Blackboard support form that will be sent directly to The Help Center. Fill out the form as completely as possible.

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