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Outlook Auto-Replies


To set an auto-reply or out of office message in the desktop version of Outlook:

  1. Select the File tab
    Select File Tab
  2. In the backstage view choose the Automatic Replies button
    Auto Reply Button
  3. The Automatic Replies dialog box will open. Select the radio button for Send Automatic Replies and select a time range if applicable.
  4. There are tabs for inside and outside your organization, write a separate auto-reply for each if you would like
  5. Apply any rules to direct specific message if necessary
  6. Choose OK (and OK again if rules are applied)
    Compose Message and Choose OK

Desktop – Mac

To set an auto-reply from your desktop version of Outlook on your Mac:

  1. From the menu at the top of your screen choose Tools and select Out of Office from the drop down menu. The Automatic Replies dialog box will open
    mac auto reply dialog
  2. Select Send automatic replies for “Cortland”
  3. Enter your message. The top field will be replies to people within your organization
  4. Select the checkbox and choose a time period if applicable
  5. Select the checkbox and use the lower field to enter a message for external senders if you wish
  6. Choose OK
    mac compose auto reply message


To set an automatic reply using your Cortland webmail: 

  1. Open your Cortland webmail
  2. Select the Settings button near the top left of the Outlook window
  3. From the Settings panel choose View all Outlook settings
    webmail outlook settings
  4. In the Settings window choose the Automatic Replies tab
  5. Select the Turn on Automatic Replies button
    webmail turn on auto reply
  6. Select the checkbox and enter a time frame if applicable
  7. Scroll down and select the checkbox to send replies outside your organization or to contacts only and enter your message in the field provided.
  8. Select Save
    webmail compose auto reply message

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