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Spam and Robo Calls

Spam and Robo calls are automated calls that often appear (spoofed) to come from local numbers. Typically claiming to sell something, many of these calls are scams and possibly illegal. Hopefully more will be done at the phone carrier level to verify that the originating caller is not as easily able to spoof the callerID. There has been some progress, as you have likely seen some of these calls tagged by the phone company as SPAM? on the incoming callerID:

callerID screen

While this doesn’t prevent the call or the annoyance, blocking numbers typically results in the caller’s system simply spoofing a different number and in many cases the number they spoof may have a legitimate need to call the college which would cause a new problem.

Additionally, if your campus phone displays the call as coming from SUNY Cortland, it is almost certainly a spoofed call:

callerID screen

Legitimate on-campus calls will display the room and building that the call is originating from, not SUNY Cortland. Here at the campus, the current situation is that we have seen some people/departments will experience a sudden increase in robo calls but the problem usually disappears as suddenly as it started within a few weeks if the calls are ignored. Our recommendation is to treat these unwanted calls the same way as spam email and ignore the call.

From Your campus phone:

  • Hit "Decline" or "Ignore" to send calls from unrecognized numbers directly to voicemail

Additional recommendations available from the FCC.
You can submit a complaint to the FCC

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