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How to Use WebEX

    Getting Started

    First you will receive an email from Cisco with the subject line “SUNY Cortland has invited you to WebEx”.

    Open the email, scroll down and choose Activate

    Get STarted

    This will open your Personal Room

    Personal Room

    You can bookmark this page or sign in here again from sunycortland.webex.com

    From your Personal Room you can

    • start or schedule a meeting
    • see your list of upcoming meetings
    • access your meeting recordings

    There is a Download link on this page to download the Cisco WebEx Meetings app. Click download, then install per your operating system

    Download link and install

    What type of meeting should you use?

    For office hours, use Personal Room

    For course sessions, use Pro Meeting

    Personal Room meetings are best for impromptu meetings, and for back-to-back meetings like office hours or advising appointments, when the host wants to remain in one meeting room for several meetings and have attendees join at different times.

    • URL (web address) which does not change and is specific to you

    All Personal Room meetings use your Personal Room URL as the meeting link that users click to join. You can find your Personal Room URL by looking underneath the Personal Room title.

    • Allows you to ‘open the door’ for a specific student and ‘kick out’ a student

    Attendees can’t join before the meeting starts. People wait in the virtual lobby until you admit them. Personal Room

    Standard scheduled meetings (WebEx Pro Meeting)

    You can schedule a meeting from your Cisco WebEx site or from your mobile device if you have downloaded the mobile app

    • You can schedule single occurrence or recurring meetings
    • You can choose to require registration when you schedule the meeting
    • Attendees must have the correct meeting number or meeting URL to join the meeting
    • You can choose to allow the attendees to join the meeting up to 15 minutes before start time when you schedule the meeting
    • Each meeting has a unique meeting URL that users click to join. New meeting information is generated for each session 

    WebEx Personal Room Guide 

    The Personal Meeting Room is always available and is a unique space for you with a permanent URL and meeting information. The Personal Room is a great way to do one-on-one consultations, ad-hoc meetings or virtual office hours.

    If you schedule office hours through Blackboard, they will be in your Personal Room, with that functionality.


    The URL and meeting number can be found by looking underneath the Personal Room title. You can copy the meeting information and invite people via normal communication options

    Personal Room

    Click Start a Meeting to enter your personal meeting room or from the WebEx app

    Start Menu

    If you are using the website you will be prompted to Open Cisco WebEx Meetings

    Download WebEx
    Then you will go to the meeting into site with your mic muted and your video off

    Meeting Window

    Select Start Meeting

    This is the meeting window:

    WebEx Meeting Window

    If a participant tries to enter your personal room before you start the meeting, they will be held in a virtual ‘lobby’ until the meeting is started. They will receive a notification that they are waiting and can send you an email:

    Personal Room Password

    Your email:

    WeEx Enter email

    Select Start Meeting to open your Personal Room



    Once you enter your Personal Meeting Room, you have the option to lock the meeting room by clicking on the More Options button on the control bar at the bottom of your screen, then clicking on Lock Meeting. Or choosing Lock Meeting from the Meeting tab in the status bar on the top left side of your screen and choosing Lock Meeting.

    WebEx Lock Meeting

    • Anyone who tries to enter the room while it is locked will be sent to the virtual lobby to wait until you let them in.

    Room Locked

    • You can admit all the participants in the lobby by choosing Unlock Meeting from either of the above menus.

    Admit people in room

    You can admit only certain participants by clicking on the Admit button next to their name to bring in those participants. The other participants will remain in the lobby.


    • You can remove single participants from your Personal Room by right clicking on the participant's name in the participants panel and then clicking Expel.

     You can leave your personal room at any point by clicking on the Leave Meeting button in the control bar at the bottom of the WebEx meeting room.

    Exit Meeting

    When you leave your Personal Room, the meeting will automatically end for all the participants.

    Schedule a Meeting

    Presently all meeting should be scheduled from the WebEx web page or the WebEx integration with Blackboard. DO NOT use the app to schedule meetings at this time.

     From the sunycortland.webex.com page and the Home tab of your Personal Room, click the Schedule button Schedule meeting

    In the meeting type field always use the default Pro Meetings setting. The Personal Conference setting is for audio-only meetings.

    Schedule Meeting

    A meeting password will be automatically generated, or you can create your own

    Change the date and time of the meeting by selecting the down arrow to open the date and time pickers


    Choose a recurrence if there is any

    Repeating Event

    Add attendees – the maximum number of participants in Webex meeting is 1000. You can type in the email address of the invitee or, if they have a Cortland.edu email address enter their name and then choose them from the list that is generated.


    Advanced Options

    If you have created a WebEx Pro Meeting your advanced options will be:

    Audio Connection type – You will have the options of WebEx audio, VOIP or no audio connection. The WebEx audio default selection is recommended.

    Webex Audio

    You can display global call-in numbers and have the option to change the entry and exit tones


    In the Agenda section you can add a meeting agenda or other notes about the meeting. The field is expandable so you can add a good deal of information:


    If you add text to this field, it will be shown on the Meetings tab of your WebEx account

    Add Text Agenda

    Scheduling Options

    In the scheduling options section, there are options to require attendees to have accounts, to allow alternate hosts for a meeting, to start automatic meeting recording and more.

    Scheduling Options

    In the extended Meeting Options and Attendee Privileges sections, you can select options that you want participants to have when the meeting begins.

    Meeting Options   Attendee Priv

    1. Select Schedule

    (If the meeting is quite soon the button will say ‘Start’)

    Schedule Button

    After the meeting is scheduled, your Meetings page will open showing the list of meetings scheduled

    Meetings Page

    Opening a Scheduled WebEx Meeting


    Schedule your WebEx Pro Meeting

    Select the Start button next to your scheduled meeting on the Meetings tab of your WebEx site or from your WebEx app:

    Upcoming meetings(web site)

    The meeting intro screen will open, showing the audio muted and the video off

    Select Start Meeting

    Start Meeting

    This is your meeting screen

    Your meeting screen

    When others join the meeting, the default is that they will be muted. However, it is a good practice, while waiting for others to join the meeting, to go the Participant tab and select Mute on Entry so that Participants are definitely muted when they enter. They can take control and un-mute themselves at any time.

    Muter others

    This is also the time to lock your meeting if you are going to have participants wait in your virtual ‘lobby’.  Use the Meeting tab on the top menu bar or the More Options button on the lower menu bar. 

    Meeting Controls

    In both your Personal Room and a Meeting there are specific controls to work with in your meeting. There are two menu bars with some overlapping functionality. One in the top left of your meeting window:

    Menu Bar

    And the other in the center bottom of your meeting window:


    Running a WebEx Meeting

    After opening you scheduled meeting or Personal Room there are important controls you should know how to use:


    If you have a lot of people in a meeting and want to use the chat to ask questions or you simply need to check in with others to make sure they are hearing you, you can open the Chat panel, either from the File tab or from the hat icon in the menu at the bottom of  your screen:

    chator chatbutton

    Chat Window

    Both will open the Chat panel on the side of your WebEx meeting window:

    • Enter chat at the bottom of the panel
    • Chat will be shown in the space above
    • Choose the dropdown field to choose to send the chat to everyone or to send a private message to one member of the meeting

    A private chat can also be started by hovering over a participant's picture and selecting the Chat icon which appears.

    Blurred Image


    By selecting the Participant button at the bottom of your screen you can open the Participant panel in the meeting. You will be able to see all the participants in the meeting.


    Choose the Participant tab at the top of your screen for actions you can take for all participants, such as ‘Mute All’ or ‘Mute on Entry’.

    Right click on the participant name in the panel to take actions on a specific participant, such as “Move to Lobby’, ‘Mute’, or ‘Stop Video’


    In WebEx you can share your desktop, or you can share a specific program. To do this, select the Sharing button at the bottom of your screen. There is also a Sharing tab in the top menu.

    From the top menu you can:

    Sharing is caring

    From the Sharing button at the bottom of your screen you will be able to see all the windows open on your computer as well as have easy access to share a calculator, a whiteboard, a file on your computer or any application on your computer:

    Sharing Screen

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