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Annual Software Recharge

 What is the Software Recharge and why are we doing it?

Several of our major vendors (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.) have changed the way they distribute and charge colleges for software. They are moving to an annual enterprise license, which means that we are now billed annually for the number of devices we have that use the software.  We can no longer purchase these products on a request-by-request basis.

When will departments start to be charged annually for software?

Beginning August 1, 2016, Information Resources will change the software chargeback model to annually charge departments for Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro. These software packages will be combined into a General Software Bundle and included in every computer’s base image.  Inventory sheets will be sent to departments in early-to-mid September for review and final invoices will be sent to department in early October.

Administrative installs of Adobe Creative Suite will be charged annually as part of this process.

How is the price per computer calculated?

To arrive at an equitable re-charge price, the cost for device will be calculated on the total cost of each enterprise software package (Microsoft and Adobe) from the prior year’s invoices and divided by the total number of college-owned computers.

Adobe Creative Suite will be based on what the contract charges per license.

Will departments incur additional charges for software upgrades?

Users can upgrade to the latest version of these software packages without additional costs via a request through the Online Hardware/Software Request System.

Will departments have to pay for faculty software?

Information Resources will continue to pay the General Software Bundle recharges for classrooms, computer labs and faculty computers (as part of the Faculty DRP).

What is Faculty DRP?

Faculty DRP or Desktop Replacement Program is the program which provides full-time faculty with computers funded by the Campus Technology Services department approximately every 4 years. Any computers listed on an inventory as DRP Eligible will have their software covered by CTS as part of the faculty DRP program, the charge will display as $0.

How will CTS know what to charge each department?

Campus Technology Services wants to ensure that the recharges/inventory is accurate for each department; therefore, inventory reports for each department will be sent in early-to-mid September to review, in advance of any recharge. The department secretary should make any changes/corrections to the inventory that is received and return it to Campus Technology Services.  A departmental invoice will be generated in October.

Don’t we have a computerized inventory system to insure accuracy?

Yes, we use Dell KACE, a systems management and deployment product which presently has a very accurate list of the computers on campus. However, each department should review the inventory generated by KACE to insure its accuracy.

Where can we direct questions regarding recharges and inventory?

Questions regarding the inventory can be directed to:

Lisa Mostert in Campus Technology Services


If there are any questions regarding the General Software Bundle recharge model, please contact:

Lisa Kahle in Campus Technology Services


If there are any concerns, please contact:

Amy Berg, Associate Provost, Information Resources


Contact Information

Director: Lisa Kahle
Secretary: Lisa Walker
Phone: 607-753-5793

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