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Technology for Teaching

Below is a glossary of the technologies you can use in your teaching and how you can access them at SUNY Cortland.

Academic Discount: Some reduced prices for some software not available through free campus licensing at available to faculty, staff, and students.

Blackboard: Blackboard is our official Learning Management System (LMS). Every class has a Blackboard site associated with it which is linked to the instructor and which is populated by the registered students. With a face-to-face (F2F) class, it can be used to give and receive assignments, keep and share grades, and to hold warm-up discussions with students that prepare them for class. It can also share content through content pages, organize them into modules, share audio and video resources, and embed Publisher resources, allowing you to teach fully online if desired. You can read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Blackboard and check the current status and maintenance schedule for Blackboard at eLearning Blackboard. There is also a Blackboard Quiz Builder that can help you create a quiz that can be imported into Blackboard's Pool Manager as a .ZIP file. Design Help offers workshops that are also listed on the ICT's Teaching Events page.

Cloud Storage: Every faculty and staff member has access to a U Drive, a cloud memory solution. In order to access your U drive and some other resources, your computer must be on the VPN. At home or on a laptop, you will need to install it. 

Document Scanning: The copy machines in most departments have document scanning capability. There are also Scannx Stations in the Memorial Library.

Ensemble: Ensemble is a video streaming service that allows you to share large video resources without uploading large files to Blackboard's limited memory space. Videos from Ensemble can be added to Blackboard, even without a license. Your students can submit their work in video format using Ensemble's Dropbox. To request an account call the Help Center at x2500. Design Help offers workshops on Ensemble.

Free or low-cost Internet: A number of Internet Service Providers and cell carriers are offering free or low-cost internet and data plans as part of the Federal Communication Commission's Keep America Connected Pledge. Check with your ISP for more information.

Office365: Faculty, staff, and students have access to Office365, the Microsoft Office suite of tools delivered and accessed over the Internet. Among these tools is Microsoft Teams, which can be used to host recordable web conferences, with breakout rooms. When using the breakout rooms for small group discussion, build the rooms before the class and then direct students to them during class. This will allow you to enter the breakouts. Technology Training offers workshops that are also listed on the ICT's Teaching Events page.

Online Library Resources: All SUNY Cortland faculty, staff and students have access to the Library's online resources 24x7, whether on-campus or off-campus, via the Library tab in myRedDragon.

Persistent Links: The Librarians have put together a Libguide on using Persistent Links, which are URLs that can link to full-text holdings in the Library. They are great way to assign materials to your students.

Poll Everywhere: Poll Everywhere allows you to poll your students through texts or the web. You will need to request a license from Design Help.

Recommended Software: SUNY Cortland's librarians reviewed a number of software packages this summer and have shared their recommendations on which of those to use. As always, please note that support is not available for tools not licensed by SUNY Cortland.

Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor: These Respondus tools can help you administrate secure remote exams. Design Help offers workshops that are also listed on the ICT's Teaching Events page.

SafeAssign: SafeAssign checks written student assignments for originality. It checks for similarities among student papers first, then goes to the web and checks for similarities to text on the web.

Webcams and Computer Labs: Part of the IR Knowledge Base, this page on COVID-19 Technology Resources lists classroom webcam locations and how to use them, computer labs available for student work, and supported software.

WebEx: WebEx allows you to run and record large web conferences with shared content and a chat room. You can also use it for polling. You will need to request a license (which is free), and then create and populate the conference. Technology Documentation has instructions on how to use this tool. Technology Training offers workshops that are also listed on the ICT's Teaching Events page.

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