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Student Learning Outcomes Podcast Series: Stories of Assessment


Episode 1


Stories of Assessment Episode 1: This episode features Kate McCormick from the Childhood/Early Childhood Education department. Kate discusses a unique assessment strategy that relies on peer review and feedback to assess lesson planning in her early childhood education course.

Episode 1 Transcript (PDF)


Episode 2


Stories of Assessment Episode 2: This episode features Melinda Shimizu from the Geography department. Melinda discusses her strategy for administering exams in a way that is fair and equitable while still effectively assessing student learning outcomes.

Episode 2 Transcript (PDF)

Episode 3


Stories of Assessment Episode 3: This episode features Helena Baert from the Physical Education department. Helena describes an overarching strategy of "less is more" and also provides specific classroom examples that include both authentic and flexible assessment strategies.

Episode 3 Transcript (PDF)

Episode 4


Stories of Assessment Episode 4: This episode features Brittany Adams from the Literacy department. Brittany discusses capturing students' ideas, questions, and comments using collaborative and social annotation of assigned readings. This enables her to assess student learning while ensuring students reflect on critical concepts and discuss these with each other.

Episode 4 Transcript (PDF)