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Inclusive Teaching

At SUNY Cortland, faculty aspire to teach all students equitably while on campus, and help them become successful after graduation. A variety of offices on campus support inclusive teaching, including:

Some of the things we can do to promote equity are:

  1. Value students: Inclusive teaching begins by valuing students and their contributions. We demonstrate that we value students as individuals by learning their names, finding out who they are as people, and helping them grow as individuals and as professionals builds their trust and interest in learning more. Encouraging students to collaborate with each other both inside and outside of class builds team skills and establishes important connections that can last a lifetime. Looking for and celebrating the strengths of different students not only builds that trust; it also enriches our own lives. 
  1. Create and preserve a comfortable climate for all students: Trust is essential for learning, for involvement, and for creativity. We build that trust both by valuing students and by managing biases that may emerge in class. 
  1. Apply Universal Design principles to instruction: Faculty use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to ensure that learning can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people.
  1. Empower students: Allowing students to choose study topics based on their own interests and professional goals helps them prepare for their careers after graduation.  
  1. Keep student costs low: Teaching inclusively also means keeping student costs low. To do that, we use e-books, create Open Educational Resources (OER), and fight food insecurity with initiatives like the Campus Cupboard. 


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