Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a Service Request for Facilities Services?

Visit our Service Requests page. The page includes instructions for emergency requests, urgent requests, routine service requests, a project request form, and a space move and change form.

What is the difference between a major project and a work order?

A work order, also known as iServiceDesk, is for smaller projects on campus, such as bed lofting, hanging whiteboards, etc. A major project is for projects on campus that cost more ($5,000+) and are not quick to fix. This can be things from repairing roofs, etc. For more clarification between the two, visit our Service Requests page, or call 607-753-2100

How do I obtain a key or lock change?

Please review to section III for Faculty and Staff and section IV for students of the Key and Card Access Policy to gain information related how to obtain and key or lock change.

How do I obtain a sign for an office or room?

For an office or room sign, you need to complete a service request form

How do I change space/reassign a room?

On our Documents/Forms page, you will find a form on how to change space/reassign a room.

Who do I contact about current construction and/or renovation projects occurring around campus?

For any inquiries about construction and/or renovation projects occurring around campus, please contact the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction office at 607-753-2214.

Where can I find what departments are in each building?

The Building Profiles pages show which departments are in each building on campus.