Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

COVID Compliance

In-Person Event Review and Approval Process: 

All proposed in-person events must follow the pandemic protocols SUNY Cortland has in place at the time.  The university will determine those protocols based on guidelines provided by NY State, the Chancellor's Office, and the Cortland County Board of Health.  Those hosting the events must be aware that these pandemic protocols are subject to change.

Priority for approval will be given to events that: 

  • Are not possible or effective to host virtually. 
  • Involve quick and/or outdoor interactions with minimal contact. 
  • Directly support higher learning. 
  • Directly benefit the institution. 
  • Directly relate to civic engagement.

This process will be used campus-wide for all programs, beginning by submitting the formstack application linked here.  This application will be reviewed in the Campus Activities Office in consultation with our Environmental Health and Safety Office.  If approved, the Campus Activities Office will follow up with the applicant.

Hosting a Campus Event 

The review process will include the following considerations in addition to the five criteria outlined in the above process: 

  • Attendees must abide by whatever personal face covering and social/physical distancing requirements are required by SUNY Cortland.
  • Event marketing should remind participants to follow the appropriate public health guidelines.
  • Groups are encouraged to implement live streaming (Facebook live or Instagram live) for any in-person program that does not conflict with copyright law or contractual agreements.
  • All food must be prepared by Cortland Auxiliary Services (CAS) or an approved facility or pre-packaged store bought goods approved by CAS.  Homemade foods are not allowed. 
  • Groups looking to contract outside services must ensure and provide documentation that those vendor(s) will comply with campus standards for social/physical distancing, cleanliness, etc.  Please note there may be a limit to the number of hired personnel permitted at any one program. 
  • Event capacity may not exceed the posted room capacities. Outdoor venues will also have established capacities based on the current guidelines established by the state. 
  • Groups must assist in cleaning high-touch spaces and equipment.  Supplies will be provided by Facilities, Operations and Services.

Everyone's health and safety remains a top priority during this time.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.