COVID-19 Safety Information

Surplus Property/Furniture

The Property Control Office responsible for storing, redistributing, and disposing of all surplus property on campus.To request surplus furniture for your department/office you can either email the Property Control Office or call 607-753-2488 to set up an appointment to view the surplus furniture currently in storage.No tagged College property should ever be disposed of by the department. Property disposal should always be done by, or in conjunction with the Property Control Office, with the necessary signed documentation.

Scrap Computers and Electronics

All surplus computers and electronics in poor or scrap condition are recycled using certified electronics recyclers.  At no time are these items to be placed in the trash.  As a general rule, if it has a plug, recycle it.  Please call the property control office for more details or to request a pickup.

Surplus or Scrap Mobile Phones

All surplus mobile phones are to be returned to the Property Control Office for proper handling.  At no time are these items to be placed in the trash.  Please fill out this form and send along with the phone along, the charger, and all other accessories to the Property Control Office.  Please call the Property Control office for more details or to request a pickup.

Disposal of Hazardous Substances

Surplus/disposal of hazardous substances (chemical, biological, etc.) should be done only with the prior approval of the Director of Environmental Health & Safety, ext. 2508.Warning -Removing surplus property from the campus for private or any other use is strictly prohibited.  This includes taking property already designated for disposal via certified recycling methods or local refuse site. 



The Property Control Office maintains an online store located in Red Dragon Depot.  Currently the store is only available to current P-Card holders to view, so if you do not have a P-Card please check with someone in your department who does and they can show you what is available. 

There are no charges for furniture available in the surplus store; however, you will need to provide an account code to move the order along in the system.  When you find an item that you like simply add it to your cart and proceed with the order and the Property Control Office will receive the request and put the order in the have the item delivered.  Most items are a quantity of one unless told otherwise in the description.   Please contact the Property Control Office with further questions. 

Contact Us

Christopher Tucker
Property Control Manager
P.O. Box 2000
Cortland, NY 13045