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Fall 2021 Poster Symposium

Each year, COR 101 student leaders share their work with the campus community in our annual 'Poster Symposium' event. We are excited to present the 2021-22 Academic Year COR 101 Poster Symposium, highlighting a selection of lessons presented by COR 101 Student Facilitators.

Please take some time to review the hard work put in by our incredible student leaders. Each student listed below created their own lesson as a part of their work in COR 101, focusing on a lesson or topic that is important to the success of new first-year students. Lessons are diverse in their content, as well as the manner in which Student Facilitators chose to put them together. You will see a wide array of presentations that display not only their teaching ability, but also their academic strengths and creative talents. In creating these projects, Student Facilitators have reflected on their work, and shared the results of their efforts with you.

Thank you for taking the time to support our student leaders. If you would like to provide feedback to any student, please submit a feedback form. Information provided in the form is shared with COR 101 Student Facilitators.

Spring 2022

Giovanni Gentile - Money Management in College

Roselea Marsh - Making a Difference Through Note Taking

Fall 2021

Melissa Alvisi - We Were All on the Same Boat at One Point

Lauren Anderson - Campus Involvement

Adriana Arcangel - How to Check Your Privilege

Ardesian Binjakaj - How to Manage Your Finances in College and Life

Amanda Bloom - Spring Semester Goals & First Semester Reflection

Jenna Condoluci - Time is Money

Rose DeMuro - Living Away from Home

Madison Derwin - The Secret of Successful Study Tips

Ryan DiCostanzo - The Future Starts with You

Trinity Dowling - Dragon Fun for Everyone

Jarrett Dulemba - Building Community Through Recreation

Celeste Esposito - Learning and Living Mental Health

Christopher Feustel - Having a Healthy Body Image in College

Amanda Gaffney - Taking Advantage of Campus Resources

Giannina Gomez - Beautiful Day to Save Lives: Here Comes Registration

Sean Hans - Sober Life Keeps You Safe

Maria Hernandez - Vaping and Alcohol

Drew Hessler - Race and Racism in America: Origins, Current Inequalities, and the Myth of Colorblindness

Flo Hunte - Mental Health and Wellness

Taylor Hunter - Seize the Moment and Get Involved

Bailey Iaccarino - No Regrets: Choosing the Right Major for You

Tasnim Islam - How to Get Out of Your Room

Matthew Jahn - Budgeting: It's Not Funny When it Comes to Your Money

Casey Jashembowski - Let’s Improve our Study Habits, Learning Styles, and Growth Mindset

Madeline Jester - SUNY Cortland is Here for You

Lucas Kaczynski - Discover Cortland County

Sigal Keren - Follow Your Own Yellow Brick Road

Jenna Kratz - Finding Help

Megan Lamont - Scavenger Hunt

Jenna Langone - The One Where They Build Relationships

Fall 2021

Jordan Lauterborn - The Passage from High School to College

Kareem Lubin - Wellness

Christian Mangerian - Involvement Outside the Classroom

Giuliana Marino - Biological Sciences Department FAQs

Ali Marriott - Keeping Your Life Together While Staying Organized

Elijah-Amir Mattos - Positive Thinking and Self Motivation

Katherine McDowell - Stress Less with Mindfulness

Sarah McGarrity - Stress and Time Management

Emily Metzguer-Schiro - Let's Get Organized

Kelly Mills - It's TIME to Study

Victoria Miralla - Diversity in the University

Anna Mooers - Manners Matter: How to Act Professionally in College

Maryrose O'Connell - Do Your Part Party Smart

Maya Owens - My Study Abroad Experience

Monica Plunkett - Campus Resources

Nicole Ann Revilla - Get Your Mind Right

Ariana Ruggero - The Balancing Act: Academic and Personal Life

Morgan Salanger - Study Break

Jessica Sassoon - The Finals Week Handbook

Anthony Scibelli - Success Starter Kit for all Physical Education Majors

Lidia Sferrazza - Setting and Achieving our Goals

Jessica Sierzega - Independence Will Affect Your School Attendance

Reese Smyth - The Big 3 R's

Tara Sullivan - Make Cortland Your Home Away from Home

Katelyn Thompson - Healthy Relationships

Jason Tran - Things About Stress

Shelby Trejos - Affirmation Exercises for Mental Health

Ashleigh Triolo - Study Tips and Mental Health

Madison Tripoli - How to Develop a LinkedIn Profile

Kasey Vaughan - What Even is Mental Health?

Emily Vayda - Let's Be Well

Nick Vogt - Getting Ahead on Finals

Madeline Willie - Finding Wellness Throughout Your College Years

Natalie Witt -  Title IX at SUNY Cortland