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Blaze cut out in front of welcome to cortland signWith no wings and no drivers’ license, Cortland’s Red Dragon might seem to have limited travel options.

Not so.

Blaze has more than 66,000 friends he can hitch a ride with.

Alumni, students and SUNY Cortland supporters everywhere can now help the College’s adventure-loving mascot see the world. All you have to do is download and print one of the Blaze files on this page, cut along the dotted line and take your flat Dragon with you the next time you leave the house.

Then, take a picture of Blaze with something interesting in the background. The Eiffel Tower. Mount Rushmore. A backyard snowman. Your Yorkshire terrier. Whatever. If YOU find it interesting, chances are Blaze and your fellow Cortland graduates will too.

You can then share your images by emailing them to the College at public.relations@cortland.edu. Send us a quick description of what’s in the photo and we’ll post it in a special album on the SUNY Cortland Facebook page.

Use your imagination and help Blaze fill the world with Red Dragons!

Blaze at the MOST   Coloring with Blaze   Where will you take Blaze?