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Driving tour

If you’d like to explore the Cortland area on your own, please download the driving tour. This 45-minute scenic drive can be extended to an hour and a half based on your preferences. It is easy to follow and highlights area attractions and the natural beauty of our welcoming community.

Driving Tour (with optional loops)

Leave campus by driving down Court Street. Take a right on to Main Street.

Go right on to Route 13, pass the Lynne Parks ’68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House, 1890 House and the YMCA.

Turn left on South Cortland/Virgil Road, just past Bennie Road/Walmart) and take it to the end.

The road curves to the left and you’ll end at the four corners in Virgil. Go straight, passing Hollenbeck Cider Mill on the left.

Drive to Greek Peak Mountain Resort. Turn around in parking lot.

Head back to the four corners in Virgil and turn right onto Route 215. You’ll pass Willowbrook Golf Course at about 29:00.

Turn right on Starr Road. You’ll pass Ted Testa Park on the right.

Turn left on Page Green Road and go to the blinking light.

Turn right on Valley View Drive and pass by Cortland High School.

Turn left on Pendleton Street and pass by the recycling center.

Turn right on Port Watson Street and pass by Coffeemania.

Turn left on Pomeroy Street to head to Yaman Park. Cross Elm Street and pass by East Side Bakery, cross Clinton Street and pass by Interstate 81.

Turn right on Kennedy Parkway just past Yaman Real Estate and pass by  skateboard park and river. Turn around and come out Kennedy Parkway.

To end tour

Turn left on Route 13 and then right on Clinton Avenue. Turn left on Church Street and right on Court Street, passing by Courthouse Park, the fire house and library. End on Main Street. [45:00]

To continue on to Homer

Turn left on Route 13 and then right on Locust Avenue, near Quality Inn and Holiday Inn Express. Head up hill and continue straight through stop sign—bear left. Continue on Albany Street into Homer.

Turn left on Route 41/Clinton Street, go to the end and pass by Homer Middle School (46:20) and Origins Cafe across the way.

To continue on to Little York

Turn Right on Route 281 and head down to Little York Park, passing by Bill Anderson’s Farm Market, Frog Pond Farm, Little York Plantation, Cortland Repertory Theater, kiddie pool, lake. (55:30)

Return to town via Route 281.

Turn left on Route 281 head back to Cortland

Turn left on Groton Avenue

Turn right on Broadway, pass by the Water Works.
Turn left on Neubig Road.
Turn left on Graham Avenue.

Turn right on West Court Street back to Main Street.